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Challenge Issuerefphrim
Challenge NameAlexander Lavelle Gibbs
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Xander-Centered
Description2 days after Jessica Harris dies in a car crash her 15yr old son, Xander, is sent to live with his father, Jethro Gibbs.
Now I'm really going to screw with the timeline of both shows. :P
In this fic I would like it if Gibbs met Shannon way later then he did in the show. Him and Shannon have been married nine years and have a daughter, Kelly, who is eight. Gibbs has already retired from the military and works at NCIS with his team members Tony, McGee, and Ziva. (Kate has already died by Ari.)
Xander shows up at NCIS with a back-pack full of his things and a birth certificate with Gibbs name on it. Gibbs has Abby do a blood test. Congratulations! It's a boy. Gibbs then takes Xander home to meet a confused and upset Shannon and Kelly who immediately loves him as a big brother.
During this time Team Gibbs is working a case involving a terrorist who plans on blowing up a naval carrier. Team Gibbs catches the terrorist's bomb tech. (Or someone of alot of importance to the terrorist.)
Gibbs then gets a call from local PD. There's been a break in at his house. Shannon is in critical condition at Bethesda and Xander and Kelly have are missing, kidnapped by the terrorist Gibbs is chasing.
This story is to be a completely human AU, and takes place before Buffy ever came to Sunnydale. I would prefer Willow doesn't make any appearance.
Must haves:
Nervous, uncomfortable Xander while meeting Gibbs and his family, then smart, calm Xander as he gets himself and Kelly out of where they are being held by the terrorist.
Gibbs head slapping Tony.
Tony/Ziva/McGee banter.
No no's:
Gibbs other 2 ex wives
The word 'wiggins' (don't know why but that word really bothers me :P)
If this challenge has piqued your interest and you have any questions just ask. :)
Challenge Date26 Jan 12
Last Updated26 Jan 12

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