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Challenge Issuerlilacsandroses
Challenge NameBuffy's New Life
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
DescriptionPairings: Buffy and Oz

-Buffy runs away after sending Angel to hell. She arrives in L.A. to see her Dad and confronted him of not being there. He told her she was adopted and he didn't want any kids but Joyce did. Buffy was devastated and ask him for her adoption papers which he still had.

-Buffy searches for her biological family and discovers the Charmed Ones. I would like to see all the sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, I wonder what it would be like if they were together. The Charmed Ones discovers Prue biggest secret, she had a daughter and she gave her up for adoption. They decided to help her find her instead Buffy finds them. She learns who her father (I would like her father to be a multi-billionaire and well known among the human and supernatural world) is and they are witches. They learned about her being The Slayer. Leo gasped knowing what her calling is consisted of. Piper would ask him what wrong and the full truth comes out. They offered her a home until she is ready to go back home. She learns of Angel returns and go back home with her family's support. She accidentally caught Angel with another woman (Faith) which devastated her. She goes back to San Francisco and never returns.

- Oz leaves Willow due to his Wolfy, please do not make Oz goes back after he learns to control his wolf instead sent him to San Francisco and meets Buffy again. Buffy takes him home to her family and introduces him as a werewolf and he learns of Buffy's true heritage. Buffy starting to get all of her family's powers which make her a very powerful witch alone.

-The Charmed Ones, Oz, Leo and Cole convince Buffy to contact her mother after a year of being away. You decide how their reunion should be like, I would like to see some anger especially learning of her adoption. She introduces her family and Joyce adopted them all also and made her promise not to tell the Scoobies which she agrees, because it means no more hellmouth for her. Joyce would be glad for her daughter to be with her biological family and they are teaching her magic which can benefits her in the fight against the darkness.

-Buffy and Oz starts dating six months after Joyce's visit or you can decide when. I would like to see them eventually get married and have 1 or 2 children. Joyce visits them every six months claiming antique buying.

-The Scoobies, Faith, Angel and Cordelia (you can decide whether Angel and Cordelia are in a relationship) fighting a foe that is so strong that the Council tell Giles only Buffy can fight it. Giles asked why because of her connections and he learns she was adopted and that she is a Charmed Ones Prue's daughter. Giles is shocked and understood why she is the only one who can fight it. He tells the gang of his conservation with the Council which will causes anger among the group.

-Joyce gets fed up with Xander and kick him out of her home for calling her daughter's names especially in her own home. Giles realizes she know where Buffy is and begs her for the address. She tells them that she is going with them. She warns Xander and the others to keep their comments about Buffy to themselves. She also decided to revealed that Oz is also in San Francisco.

-Willow looks happy and babbled about how she wanted to find him and asked for a second chance. Joyce silently thought to herself....too late and she notices Angel's reaction he too has a plan. They will try to get there respective's loves back.

-The Scoobies discovers Buffy is a very rich woman and lives in a nice home (I would like the home suitable for witchcrafting, researching, training and Oz's transformation) with Oz and the children. I would like to see them in shocked after discovering they are together. Willow would be devastated and jealous of Buffy's life that she considers hers. Just like Angel. They would causes problems along the way and it is their love that keep them together.

-The Charmed Ones, Scoobies, Angel, Cordelia, Faith and Joyce helps Buffy fight the foe and wins. Faith is jealous of her fighting skills and powers. Willow is also jealous of her family's powers and Buffy's. You decided how everything should go down but loved to see a lot of action.

I would like to see Scoobies and Angel bashing. I would also like to see Buffy and Giles makes peace with one another and she ask him in front of the group to be her Watcher again. Faith jumps in saying he's her Watcher now. Buffy ask Giles if this true because she thought Watcher always has one Slayer due to the binding. Giles is shocked and asked how she knew. You decide how it went down. Buffy tells him there is another reason why she want him to be her watcher is for her daughter too. She tells him her daughter has slayer's abilities along with her magic and she needs a teacher. Giles asked why him and not another, simple he's her second father and want her daughter see him as her grandfather. Giles agrees after finding Faith new watcher. You decided whether to include this part. I like happy ending. I don't really care for the Scoobies, they treated her as ultimate weapon to control.

Challenge Date27 Jan 12
Last Updated27 Jan 12

Challenge Responses

When Buffy runs away after banishing Angel, she finds out she was never who she thought she was- instead of Buffy Summers, she's Pella Halliwell. Buffy or Pella/Oz
Only the author can add chapters to this story Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other • RingofHeart • FR15 • Chapters [3] • Words [3,876] • Recs [1] • Reviews [15] • Hits [4,082] • Published [2 Jun 12] • Updated [3 Jan 13] • Completed [No]