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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameA Doctor by any other name: Or how Xander Harris was beamed up.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-Centered
DescriptionI've been watching waaay to much BBC lately, but the sad fact of the matter is that there aren't that many Doctor Who/Btvs crossovers. And even the few there are, its mostly the Doctor taking one of the girls along with him. For a guy that seems to 'never' have sex, he does like having the ladies around.

My request is simple, Xander meets the Doctor and is invited along in his flying blue....telephonebooth.

There are plenty of ways for this to go down. The most stright forward way is how the Doctor usualy operrates. He shows up out of the blue, being odd and defeating the bad guys and out of boredom or lonelyness usualy asks someone to come along.

Of course, you could always make Xander a Time Lord. Either he dressed as the Doctor for Halloween and now isn't human any longer.

Or hes one of the Doctors kids/grandkids. The Doctor has mentioned once, before the time war, having had both kids and grandkids, being nine hundred/one thousand years old and all. And it wasn't that long ago the Doctor had a 'daughter', who was created fron his DNA and went off looking for her own adventures.

And theres even The Master; a displaced Time Lord he perposely forgot who he was so that he could live a more human life. Until he remembered and went insane.

As for which Doctor he leaves with, well the last three are the most obvious choices. The 9th Doctor only lasted a season, the 10th was rather big hearted by less merciful then his last incarnations, and the 11th....wacky at times but downright ruthless.

Most Haves:
Someone saying: "Only Xander could be abducted by aliens and actually be having fun."
Male/Female pairing. Since he wont be in Sunnydale any longer the Btvs girls are probably out. So that leaves the Doctor's other assisstants. Rose Tyler was popular with all the guys. Martha Jones was adoreable. Donna was rather annoying so probably not. Or the latest Amy Pond.

Of couse, they'll be traveling through time and space so its actually open to any female pairing in any movie, tv show, book, or game.

Like all of the Doctor's companions, Xander is forever changed. Jack Harkness became immortal. Rose Tyler & Mickey became fighters. Martha Jones now runs black ops for aliens on earth. Donna became Donna/Doctor before losing her memories. And Amy Pond....had a kid, got married, kid was kidnapped to become a simi-Time Lord who actually grew up being her mothers childhood friend, ect.

Most Not Haves:
No Slash for Xander. Though Jack is 'very' bi-sexual so he'll probably get it on.
No Bashing for Btvs characters.

And of course you should take into account the differences between the Doctor and Xander Harris. While there both sometimes wacky, often full of useless pop information, and try and do the right thing....they sometimes haven very different ways to do so.

Past Doctor's have been very merciful, either their enemies for the failures of the human race. Not so much the 11th, but most past Doctors would rather use reason then a weapon.

Xander has always been loyal, deadly so sometimes. He'd forgive his friends anything. But his enemies....not so much. Hes thoughts are more around the lines, 'The only good enemie is a dead enemie.' So they might clash heads, alot, over that.

I don't think anyones made a Doctor Who/Btvs crossover challenges like this. So have fun with it. Be the first to make something new and interesting.

): )
Challenge Date29 Jan 12
Last Updated29 Jan 12

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