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Challenge IssuerChaosCarlos
Challenge NameHarry Potter: Boy Genius! a Harry Potter/Girl Genius Crossover Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Girl Genius
DescriptionTag line: 'Harry Potter: Boy Genius! - Perverting the laws of MAGIC! and SCIENCE! since 1989!'

Challenge Description:

This challenge takes the idea that EITHER: 1)the Girl Genius comics have been around since at least the late 80's or 2)the HP world is a part of the Girl Genius 'verse.

Harry Potter down-trodden 'Slave/Minion' of the Dursley's is living a dreadful existance cooking, cleaning, gardening and generally being made to do all the worst and most labour intensive chores in the Dursley houshold without so much as an oafish grunt of thanks. Until that is something happens that Sparks a most desperate/inventive flame within his being!

From here it can go either way, the Girl Genius universe is either fictional or a part of the 'muggle' world, it's completely up to the author whichever it is.

Challenge Requirments:

* This story starts BEFORE Hogwarts, where for whatever reason Harry Potter becomes a Spark at some point during his childhood in Durzkaban.

* If the Girl Genius 'verse is FICTIONAL then Harry must in someway read/hear/watch the stories in whatever fashion they appear (i.e: Comic, TV show, Novel ect...) and becomes inspired, deciding to become a Spark and cliché of cliché's his magic responds and voilá a Spark is born!

* If the Girl Genius 'verse is REAL then he must have inherited his Sparkyness from his mother (Wizards originally hid from muggles due to the Hetrodynes and those like them) since Sparks have all but been wiped out from the magical world and mostly forgotten.

* Whether Harry is a Hetrodyne decendant or not is up to the author (Note: This story is set well AFTER the events in Girl Genius, possibly over 100 years or more.)

* Whether any other HP characters are also Sparks (*cough*Hermione/Luna*cough*) is up to the author.

* It's up to the author if any other fandoms appear in this story. It is highly likely that one or several BTVS characters may appear and again it is up to the author if they will be major or minor characters.

Thank you for reading!
Challenge Date13 Feb 12
Last Updated14 Feb 12

Challenge Responses

Whether by accident or by design, a Spark is born on Her Majesty's Land. But is it for better or for worse? Madboy Collectibles Enterprise disclaims all rights while claiming proceeds. Also, a Sparkverse.
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