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Challenge IssuerBarbarossaRotbart
Challenge NameArwen's Lover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings
DescriptionWhat if one of the female members of the Scoobies is stranded in Middle-Earth during the Third Age? What if she meets Arwen and they fall in love with each other?
This should not be a tenth walker story. It should take place at least a century before the events of the trilogy.
It has to be femslash, because the pairing is Arwen/female Scooby. Male slash is NOT allowed, because there are no canon homosexual pairings in Middle-Earth.

A variation of that theme would be following:
After Buffy second death (in "The Gift") she finds herself in Middle-Earth several centuries before the events of the novels (but after the fall of Arnor).There she meets Arwen and they fall in love with each other but cannot be together in public (because homosexual relations are unkown in Middle-Earth). For some reasons Buffy later marries the current chieftain of the DĂșnedain and has several children. But her husband dies soon. Buffy dies a hundred years later and her soul leaves Middle-Earth. And she is resurrected by Willow.
Later Buffy finds Arwen on Earth (who remembers everything) and learns that she had married one of Buffy descendants after the Fall of Sauron. Yes, Aragorn is a descendant of Buffy. She also learns that she has Aragorn's soul and thus was Aragorn in a former life.
To clarify: Aragorn dies - His soul leaves Middle-Earth and is reborn as Buffy - Buffy falls through the portal and is thrown into Middle-Earth's past - after living a long life, Buffy dies - her soul leaves Middle-Earth and is returned to her resurrected body
Challenge Date17 Feb 12
Last Updated29 Jul 14

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