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Challenge IssuerChaosCarlos
Challenge NameThe 'Family of Heroes' Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Batman > Dawn-Centered
DescriptionStory Title: Family of Heroes

Series: Buffy/Batman

Summery: AU. After both Joyce and Buffy's deaths social services forces Dawn to go live with Joyce's only remaining relative, her cousin Bruce Wayne.

Challenge Requirements:

* Buffy is not resurrected in Season 6. Either: Buffy was cremated, the spell fails or someone (Giles/Tara) stops Willow from even trying.

* Joyce and Bruce are cousins through their mothers who were sisters.

* It was Alfred using the shares he inherited from Bruce who was legally declared dead (by Mr Earle) who funded the Sunnydale Art Gallery, Since Bruce was in Asia being trained by Ra's Al Ghul at the time.

* Dawn meets Batman several times before finding out who he really is. Batman quickly learns to hate Tuesdays.

* Bruce became Batman sometime between Seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy, thus he's been active for at least four or five years.

* The events in Batman Begins and Dark Knight have already happened. It's up to the author if the events of the third movie have also taken place.

* Dick Grayson is either Robin or Nightwing. If Nightwing then Tim Drake will take up the mantle of Robin.

* Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. In the movies it shows that Gordon has a son, it's not shown if he has a daughter. However to play it safe, in this story Barbara is Gordon's niece. Her backstory and reason why she's living with her uncle are up to the author.

* Clark Kent and through him Lois Lane are close personal friends of Bruce Wayne's and through that friendship an unholy alliance is forged by Dawn and Lois, may the Gods tremble in fear.

* It is up to the author if Dawn meets the other founding members of the Justice League. If she does then Wonder Woman will be able to feel a weak mystical link from Dawn as if she were almost but not-quite an Amazon. This would be Dawn's connection, weak as it is to the Slayer Spirit through her creation from Buffy's blood.
Challenge Date28 Feb 12
Last Updated28 Feb 12

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