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Challenge IssuerChaosCarlos
Challenge NameThe Magick of Fantasy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final Fantasy
DescriptionChallenge Summary:
After Halloween the Scoobies inspect Ethan's shop to make sure he didn't leave any surprises for the unexpecting, unprepared populous of Sunnydale. However as they're looking through his left over stock they notice a few odd items.

Challenge Description:
Inspecting Ethan's left over stock reveals a few unexpected items that seem to have retained their uniqueness after halloween.

These items include but are not all required to be used are:
* Blank Magicite - Final Fantasy VI
* Materia - Final Fantasy VII
* Axes, Swords, Staves, Claws, Daggers and more weapons that each have offensive, protective or physical/magical/skill enhancing abilities (e.g. Lightning Claws, Ice Hammer, Poison Daggers etc etc)
* Blank GF Junction: Draw Ability - Final Fantasy VIII
* Armlets, Amulets, Boots, Belts, Gauntlets and Rings. As with the weapons they provide skill enhancing, protective, offensive and stat-boosting abilities. (e.g. Speed Boots, Gold Bangle, Life Ring etc etc)
* A Book called: 'Creation, Customization and Upgrades - The Idiot's Guide to Making, Customizing and Upgrading Weapons and Accessories' - How this ended up being created by the spell, no one knows.

Etc, etc, etcetcetc

'Blank Magicite' and 'Blank GF Junction' are the same as normal Magicite and normal GF Junction, the only difference being that there are no Espers/Eidolons/Summons/GF's in any of them, they're just spell-generators using the users own magic or the ambient magic of the area to generate spells.

Note Two:
Spells cast with Magicite, Materia and Junction are more powerful when cast by natural magic users like Giles, Willow, Amy and Tara than by non-magicals like Xander due to the magicals using their own magical abilities to add additional power to the spells cast, while Xander and possibly Buffy, Kendra and Faith can only cast using the ambient magic around them.

Note Three:
The 'Draw Ability' is as it was in FFVIII, the user can draw magical spells from objects, people, animals and monsters/demons.

The Scoobies eventually discover that they can draw several low level spells from fledglings, such as: Fire, Blizard, Aero and Scan. Older vampires that are between 30-60 years old have more advanced spells like Fira, Thundara, Blizzara ect ect. And Vampires between 60-100 years old have Fireaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Tornedo, Quake, ect, ect.

Challenge Requirements:

* It's up to the Author how many and what items end up being used, but the Scoobies must find AT LEAST three such items. Any three will do be they weapons, accessories or magicite/materia/junction.

* Buffy cannot be physically enhanced by anything they find. The Slayer Spirit, for whatever reason blocks or nullifies any and all physical enhancing abilities (e.g. strength, speed, reflex reaction). She can only be enhanced by the passive and protective abilities like AutoProtect, AutoShell +10/+20/+50etc,etc Physical/Elemental/Magical Resistance.

* One possible plot-piece that's up to the Author:
When Kendra shows up she eventually parts with the Scoobies and is given a weapon or accessory that has 'Auto Revive' as an ability. Thus when she's killed, either by Drusilla or some other random vampire/demon she's automatically revived, but was dead enough to activate Faith.

Another Possible Plot-Piece:
If one of the Magicite/Materia/Junction spells available to the Scoobies is/are Revive/Restore/Full-Life have someone like Willow who can't help but experiment with the magical artifiacts or someone else being careless (Xander, Cordelia) accidentally use Revive/Restore/Full-Life on Angel which restores/revives him to human (with his Soul full restored). This pisses the PTB's off but can't undo anything due to laws of non-interference.

Anyway these are just suggestions, it's up to the author's how the stories will turn out.
Challenge Date2 Mar 12
Last Updated2 Mar 12

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