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Challenge IssuerSignorUebelst
Challenge NameWillow in gen13
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Wildstorm Universe
DescriptionI have found various Fanfictions where the Scoobies dress as characters from the Wildstorm Universe to Halloween
not one in which they are involved in it
so here is the challenge:

let Willow become involved in the gen13 mishap.
timeline: should be after season7 for Buffy
you decide at which point you set it in the gen13 timeline

you decide the pairings but i would like to see willow with one of the female main protagonists
(maybe Sarah Rainmaker or Caitlin Fairchild)

If Willow gets a genfactor you decide what it is but I would like to see her with the powers of Tessa/Sage from X-Men
(the Gen-factor can be triggered by extreme stress, maybe her magic suppressed her gen-factor and after the spell of
awakening, or another powerful spell, she is so exhausted that it is able to break through)

If you decide to set the story at some other point in the BTVS timeline it should have:
- willow standing up to Cordelia and the Cordettes

may, in general, also have one of the Scoobies(other than Willow) or Cordelia be a Gen-active

I can think of various ways for Willow to get involved in the Wildstorm Universe

1st approach:
Willow is the daughter of one of the members of Team7(maybe related to one of the other five)
and now she is searching for relatives or a reason for her new powers

should have:
- Willow becoming a gen-active
- Willow hacking some databanks in search for an explanation (maybe from IO or Mr.Lynch)

may have:
- Willow gets physical changes when her genfactor activated
- Mr. lynch knowing of the supernatural
- Willow hacking Anna or Mr.Lynch's Computers to talk with him
- Willow using her magic to constuct something to help her with her genfactor (like Tessas glasses)

2nd approach:
Willow is approached by IO to work for them. Investigating, Willow stumbles on the genfactor files and starts to help
Mr. Lynch and the others.(if she starts to work for IO is up to you)

may have:
- Willow hacking the IO database

3rd approach:
Willow is the daughter of Ivana Baiul or Mr.Lynch

may have:
- instead of Willow actually being the daughter of Ivana she is only adopted

4th approach:
the Gen13 group comes to the attention of the council and Willow gets charged with investigating

5th approach:
Willow comes to the Academy with the others
(I would suggest Tessa/Sage's powers from X-men)

may have:
- Willow gets physical changes when her genfactor activated

6th approach:
IO has access to the files of the Us government and they investigate the council after accessing the Iniative files

7th approach:
IO was the to instigate the Iniative

you could also combine some or all of the approaches or you think of something yourself
the main thing is that you have fun writing the FF

have fun
Challenge Date6 Mar 12
Last Updated6 Mar 12

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