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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerBerserkerNW
Challenge NameWood-Working With the Beiste
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Glee
DescriptionCoach Shannon Beiste has noticed the oddities at William McKinley High in Lima, Ohio. They remind her of another high school - the one she graduated from nine years before it blew up. While looking through her deceased cousin's old yearbook, she comes across a picture of a young blonde being named Class Protector, and she remembers the stories Larry told just before he died, of Buffy Summers and her friends, and what they did for the town. She looks the group up online and finds that they have become the leaders of a world-wide collection of schools and learning centers.

Xander uses her call as an excuse to take a sabbatical. He is burnt out after nearly seven years wandering through Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He takes a job as the new shop teacher (replacing the thumb-less teaches seen in the "Glee" episode Acafellas) and settles into life in Lima, all the while checking every nook and cranny in the town to find evidence of a hellmouth. He eventually gets close to the glee kids, acting as a surrogate father/uncle to the ones who need it most (Puck, Santana, and Brittany, though Mike would enjoy time with a father figure who supports his dancing).


I would rather not see a story all about how Rachel is either 1) a poor abused innocent or 2) the emotionally-manipulative source of all evil. Xander should NOT hook up with any of the high-schoolers, as he is over ten years older than they are, but if you can find a realistic way to do so, seeing him with either Sue or Beiste would be hilarious.

Pairing Preferences (take these as MY preferences, not requirements):
Artie/Brittany or Santana/Brittany or Artie/Brittany/Santana
Puck/Lauren (if you must hook him up with a girl)
Blaine/Kurt (if you must hook Kurt up with a guy)

Bonus Points: If you can work in Sirius Black being Puck's biological father, that would be great. Sirius and Ms. Puckerman got together sometime while Sirius was hiding from the Ministry (the time lines even work!). Puck's younger sister would actually be his half-sister, and whether they know or not is up to you. Maybe you could have Xander somehow 'see' the magic potential in Puck, though since he's now too old for a school like Hogwarts (did he not get a letter at age eleven; did he think it was a joke; could they not afford it?) he has to learn Wicca-style magic if he wants/needs to learn to control it.
Challenge Date13 Mar 12
Last Updated13 Mar 12

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