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Challenge IssuerChaosCarlos
Challenge NameProject Dawn: An All Hallows' Eve F.E.A.R - YAHF
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Horror
DescriptionChallenge Summary:
Xander is asked to take care of Dawn during THAT Halloween, this isn't a problem except that Dawn insists on 'matching' costumes. A dispairing Xander not wanting to dress as the Prince Charming to her Disney Princess is desperate to still go as a soldier. Suddenly getting an idea from a creepy game he played not long ago a plan comes together to instead go as Point Man and Psychic Girl.

Challenge Description:
For whatever reason Joyce has to suddenly leave for LA on business and needs someone to look after Dawn. In comes Xander to the rescue. Seeing Mrs S in need and knowing Buffy wouldn't want to be stuck with Dawn all night he volunteers. However Dawn in her young pre-teen mind seeing an oppertunity for time with her crush demands matching costumes. Xander, his mind filled with the horrors of having to dress up as Prince Charming or Peter Pan, instead of the soldier he wanted to go as remembers a pair of character from a game he recently played.

Thus with some extra cash that Joyce forced on Xander (giving him the Summer's glare of: take it or else) a quick stop at Ethan's for a torn up, bloody red dress, some make up to give Dawn a pale complextion and a little extra for his own costume to make him look more like a proper member of the Special Forces they're ready to go.

That's when everything hits the proverbial fan and Alma comes out to play.

Challenge Requirements:

* Xander must dress as Point Man and Dawn as Alma from the First Person Horror Game F.E.A.R.

* Alma must realize instantly that she's 'not in Kansas anymore' and is able to communicate with Dawn who is surpressed in her sub-conscience.

* Whether Dawn is the Key or not is up to the Author. Also if the story goes on to reach or skips to Season Five then they must give reasons why Dawn was sent to Buffy earlier than in cannon.

* Dawn and Xander retain the abilities they got from their respective characters. Dawn also kept some of Alma's less then sane qualities, but is able to cover it up.

Everything else is up to the author.
Challenge Date15 Mar 12
Last Updated16 Mar 12

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