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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameAt least my name isn't Percy.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
DescriptionI've just started reading the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series and thought yeah that'd make a good crossover challenge.

The Greek Gods are still around and kicking, and just like in the past their still randy and love to mess around with mortals. Any kid they have with said mortal becomes a demigod. At the age of 12 they're sometimes found and sent to a place called 'Camp Half-Blood' where their trained to be heroes.

What I want is for Xander to find out one of his parents was a god/goddess. I'll leave picking which one for you, but the 13 Olympians would probably be for the best. As for when he goes, well it could be that he was found at 12 and sent there, much like the Harry Potter series.

Or he finds out later during the Btvs series. Xander being older then Percy Jackson, he'd probably have gone to camp before him or his friends. But if you want to fudge the time line thats cool too.

Most Haves:
~Much like his fellow demigods he has slight control over his parents domain. Percy can control water, Thaila can control lightning, Nico can control the dead, these are of course the kids of Poseidan, Zeus, and Hades.
~If you go the route of after Btvs begain, Cordeila should be thrilled to find out shes dating a demigod. Her ego wouldn't allow anything else. Extra points if its because Aphrodite is his mom.
~His parent doesn't have to be very affectionate, which seems on par with how the gods treat their kids...but his parent does give him a gift. Either cool armor or a weapon of some kind. Or even an aspect of their power, IE superhuman speed, teleporting, strength. Ect.

Most Not Haves:
~No slash.
~No everyone loves everyone. I'm only up the third book in the series, but for the most part the gods are kinda cold towards their demigod children for the most part. So don't turn it into an Plympian lovefest.
~No Buffy bashing. It annoys me.
~No Godlike Xander. Only demigod like Xander.

Side notes:
~Some gods don't have any demigod kids. Hera doesn't cheat on her husband Zeus, so shes never had any kids with mortals. Artemis is the vergin goddess so she wouldn't have any kids either.
~Demigods usualy can do something their parents can as well, not just a lil control of their domain. Like demeters kids are good with growing things, Ares kids are good fighters, Hermes kids are good at sports, ect. So try to remember that about Xander.

Any rating is fine. And most pairings are good as well. After all, I'd like Xander better with Annabeth then Percy. The kid bugs me.

But pairings with Gods might be tricky. After all, for the most part their married. And while their husbands/wives don't usualy care about the mortals they sleep with, the same probably can't be said with sleeping with demigods.

): )
Challenge Date20 Mar 12
Last Updated20 Mar 12

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