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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)Starbug
Challenge NameSharpe’s Slayer (Buffy/Sharpe books or TV series)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Other-Action/Adventure Shows
DescriptionA plot-bunny I have no time to work on:

Buffy and Faith are catapulted back in time to 1813, and the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic War. Lost and confused, they end up being rescued by/rescuing The Chosen Men of the 95th Rifles Regiment and the unit’s commander, Major Richard Sharpe, who is still greetings after the death of his wife Teresa.

Discoing a nest of demons directly in the advance of the British/Portuguese armies, Buffy and Faith are informed by Whistler that they’ve been brought back in time to deal with the threat before history is changed forever.

Sir Arthur Wellesley (the future Duke of Willington) is a Watcher.
Rifleman Harris is a disgraced former Watcher, but recognises the Slayers for what they are.
Faith turns out to be a descendent of Sergeant Harper, and has to keep him alive if she’s ever going to exist.
Buffy/Sharpe romance?

I hope someone’s up to it
Challenge Date23 Dec 04
Last Updated3 Feb 10

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