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Challenge IssuerFreddyfrmelmst
Challenge NameDeadly Games
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games
DescriptionThis idea is based on the UPN show Deadly Games-a tv Show where a Science Experiment goes Haywire and accidentally releases a Scientist's personal video game into the real world. The game featured the Scientist a the Hero his Ex-Wife as the Sidekick/Hostage and those people in his life that annoyed abused and generally made his life hell everyone from the Camp Counciler that made his summers sucks to the High School Bully to his Former Mother in Law was recreated as the Game's Villains. My Idea is this a demon is Scouting out Sunnydale looking for a way to divide the Scoobies and while spying on Xander the Demon see Xander is a fan of a video game and the Demon Decides to have some fun and creates the game in real life to see how well Xander can do.

Xander will have no super powers or any supernatural abilities the best he can do is a power up weapon or gadget. The People of Suunydale become Characters from the Game and the Only way to restore the town is to beat the game.

for example if the game is Metal Gear Solid Giles Becomes the Col. Buffy Sniper Wolf Willow Meryl. Maybe even bring Jesse Back as Liquid Snake.

Or if the game is Legend of Zelda Buffy becomes Zelda Willow the Fairy use your imaginations
Challenge Date23 Mar 12
Last Updated23 Mar 12

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