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Challenge IssuerBerserkerNW
Challenge NameLauren Zizes: Wrestler. A/V Tech. Gleek. Slayer.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Glee
DescriptionI've seen the stories/challenges where Brittany/Santana/Quinn/Rachel/etc are Called as Slayers. Here's a different take: Lauren Zizes, McKinley High's biggest bad@$$, becomes a Slayer. How does she handle her competitions? Her increased appetite? Her boyfriend?

I would like to see a story set any time post-Season 1 of Glee; Season 7 of BTVS. Lauren and Puck are dating (still or again - your choice) when she wakes up both stronger and faster. One of the senior Slayers (I would prefer Faith, but Rona, Chao-Ann, or Kennedy would work too) shows up in Lima to explain what's going on and to train her one-on-one.

Action and romance are fun and will help the story/ficlet along, but I really want to see a character piece, involving the learning process and interpersonal relationships not focused solely on sex. Below are some of my preferences, but obviously you can leave any or all of them out. Though the image of Puck getting confused because Lauren is suddenly treating him like especially fragile china is what first got this idea going, so I'd very much like to see that!

Like to See:
1. Lauren's history in wrestling helps her get the moves faster, but she has to be reminded to stab her opponents rather than get them in a hold
2. Faith punches Sue in the face, earning the coach's respect and the students' fear
3. Lauren has to learn to be very gentle with Puck (as with canon, she's the one in charge in their relationship)
4. Tina and Santana somehow becomes Lauren's first 'scoobies'

Like to Not See:
1. Extreme character bashing, or flanderization (worse than on the show)
2. Everyone finding out immediately and being okay with it
3. Faith (or whichever slayer you choose) being some all-powerful know-it-all
Challenge Date27 Mar 12
Last Updated27 Mar 12

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