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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)LadyJ
Challenge NameFamily is everything to the Holmes
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Crime > Sherlock Holmes
DescriptionWhat if Sherlock had a twin sister that was hidden away from the Council and the rest of the world that he knew about and the rest of his family had tried to keep secret from him? What if she became the Slayer in America?

The Holmes shortly after discovering that the littlest would be taken from them by the government (i.e. the Council--branch of MI6 and/or MI5), decides to hide her in America with a family that they know (Joyce). Now that the Hellmouth is closed and the Council of Watchers have been blown up, the Queen wants the Slayer back in the U.K. to help determine what will happen to the CoW.

Also, the spell Willow used was only a temporary effect spell--meaning that Faith and Buffy are the only true Slayers and that the others were reverted back into Potentials. Thus, giving many Potentials complexes (i.e. Kennedy). While in London, the Chosen Two meet Mycroft who knows who Buffy really is but she doesn't. Buffy ends up renting 221C Baker St. room that Mrs. Hudson could never get to rent it (Council pays for it) while undergoing treatment for PTSD due to all the stress/death. Also Anya didn't die (Andrew did instead and she feels guilty that she didn't get to him in time) and is rooming with Buffy while Faith is in charge dealing with the CoW and MI5/MI6. Jim finds out about Buffy rooming @ the same residence as Holmes and dates her to use her later against Sherlock not knowing exactly what her connection to the Holmes is.

*****Scooby bashing is necessary (it may be minor but please keep it realistic to how Buffy, Anya, and Faith would feel about the night Buffy was kicked to the curb). Dawn may or may not be present but if you do use her, please keep her character close to a Holmes-like personality and near her age (i.e. a brat).
****Would like pairings to be Anya/Faith, Mycroft/Cordelia(visions still,but post-Angel series descended--new job is to help Buffy and the Council), Buffy/Moriarty (beginning), Buffy/John (ends up with), Sherlock/Illyria (she has a new human guide)
Challenge Date2 Apr 12
Last Updated2 Apr 12

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