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Challenge IssuerMarcusSLazarus
Challenge NameThe Truth Behind the Games ('Hunger Games' X-Over)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Other
DescriptionFollowing "The Hunger Games"- book or movie; it's your choice-, after her return to District 12, Katniss is contacted by Angel, who reveals that he has been living underground with the remnants of District 13- the supernatural population that remained after the catastrophe that devastated America-, and seeks Katniss's help in rallying others in a revolution against the Capital... which is actually controlled by the Senior Partners, who placate various demons by using the Hunger Games as human sacrifices, the demons in return helping them to keep the remaining population in check.

With Kat's defiance having stirred the demon responsible for the Capital's power into wakefulness for the first time in almost a century, Angel and Katniss must rally the districts and revive the supernatural powers that remain to thwart the demon before it completes its power by taking Katniss and slaying the person who disrupted the cycle it has created.

*Aside from Angel, Illyria is still alive, but Spike is dead; other members of the Scoobie Gang and Angel Investigations can be alive so long as an explanation is provided for their continued existence in this future.
*President Snow is a representative of the Senior Partners; whether he is actually a Partner or merely their agent is your choice
*Angel's possessions include an archive of various examples of contemporary popular culture, such as comics, DVDs and books, that were collected by his friends before the catastrophe.
*The Shanshu Prophecy is still 'up for grabs'- Spike didn't fulfil it before his death-, but that doesn't mean that Angel has to fulfil it
*At least one confrontation between Angel and President Snow

*After the Fall may or may not be considered canon, but the aftermath and Season Eight should be ignored.
*Whether Katniss is a Slayer or just very good at what she does is your choice
*Drusilla may still be alive, serving as Angel's Seer in the absence of Cordelia and other sources of information
*Relationships are completely up for grabs; it can be Katniss/Peeta, Katniss/Angel, etc.
Challenge Date3 Apr 12
Last Updated3 Apr 12

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