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Challenge IssuerScarlettJediKnight
Challenge NameNCIS Sanctuary
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Xander-Centered
DescriptionIn all of the NCIS crossovers I seen with Xander Its always Gibbs or Tony he's related to or mentored by; instead what about Ducky Mallard

Must haves
= Ducky acurately and thoroughly profiling the gang in such a way that its not bashing but still devastating and lasting in its impacts
= Xander being adopted or discovered as a relative of Ducky
= Xander as a mentor/protector to the Towns younger kids; afterall the high school & college may be the demons main meal ticket, it doesn't mean the younger kids are safe and Xander realizes this
= The town being thoroughly investigated from snyder and bad parents to the mayor and his cronies [Willow getting a deal & community service for her hacking?]...etc
= Gibbs teaching Xander Carpentry even if xander doesn't ever go into construction with Xander obsession maybe being guitars instead of boats
= Xander working as a volunteer paramedic or firefighter

Saint Xander; he has issues, trauma and at least mild PTSD

Another possible crossover

There's quite a few fics where Xander instantly gels with the team no matter the situation and after reading a NCIS fic on The Lost Son By Rose De Sharon this thought came into my head; Xander as Tim supportive and realistic best friend, seeing straight through the team = after all a case can be made that Gibbs is acting like Giles with his spoiled favourites of Buffy, Willow and Anya AKA Tony, Abby and Ziva allowing them to get away with everything under the sun with nothing more than a slap on the wrist at most whilst alternative ignoring Xander AKA Tim or blaming him for the others actions and inactions.

Must Haves

1)Tim & Xander forming a solid, supportive and realistic friendship outside NCIS
2)Xander following his own path, no instant career path into NCIS or the military if you have him as a relative of one of the team
3)Xander calling each one of the team on their crappy attitudes and actions – No instant friendships though maybe truces can form
4)Ducky and Xander having a good mentor/mentoree relationship despite being best friends with Gibbs the same with Tim
5)Xander encouraging Tim to Transfer to a new post or a new agency where he can work, advance and be appreciated for his own merits - with maybe tim having done the same thing with him and the scooby gang previously
Challenge Date15 Apr 12
Last Updated7 Dec 12

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