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Challenge Issuerthundever
Challenge NameWonder Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Wonder Woman
DescriptionThere has been Gender bender with Xander as Supergirl, Power Girl and technically Zatanna in the DC universe but I've yet to see one with Xander as Wonder Woman or part of the Wonder clan.

Xander could be Diana, Donna (as Wonder Girl or Troia) or even Queen Hippolyta.
Preferably it would be a Gen story, but it could be Het.
Could be a Halloween story but doesn't have to be.
If its as Diana, any version could be used same as with Donna, she has many different origins.
These versions include, TV and Earth 2 which you could use as Hippolyta as there are differences between the versions and Donna as well.
If using a Halloween slant to it he could dress as Diana instead of Wonder Woman, due to the costume.
Though a spell could be used and then no dealing with Xander as a male dressing as Wonder Woman

No Bashing of any characters please
Challenge Date21 Apr 12
Last Updated24 Apr 12

Challenge Responses

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