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Challenge IssuerSongBirdie
Challenge NameHollis Mann and Buffy Summers; mother and daughter!?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionHollis Mann and Buffy Summers; mother and daughter!? Fandom: NCIS

Challenge: Hollis Mann [NCIS] is Buffy Summers' birth mother. The Council kidnapped her from Hollis and sent her to live as Hank and Joyce's daughter. They altered both the Summer's memories, and Buffy's. All the memories from before her kidnapping are fake.

Hollis is with Gibbs romantically when Riley Finn comes to tell her that he knows who and where her daughter is. Hollis never gave up looking for her, and is thrilled but hesitant. Why didn't her daughter seek her out before?

Riley explains that Buffy had a memory charm in place. Hollis knows about the things that go bump in the night, because before Buffy was kidnapped, a Watcher tried to have her willingly give up custody. She refused. Mother and daughter are reunited, and trouble of some kind brews.


-Buffy could have been anywhere between 6 and 10 when taken. No earlier or later, please.

-I'd love to have this set in S6, any time after Buffy comes back from the dead, with Riley coming to Sunnydale to tell Buffy about Hollis. This way, Buffy might get some of the help she desperately needed and Dawn wouldn't have felt so abandoned.

-Dawn is also the daughter of Hollis, thanks to the monks. You can decide how you want to approach that, or if you want to use Dawn in the story at all, though I'd prefer that you did. And no bashing, please. She was a teenager feeling hurt and alone, a lot like Buffy.

-Who is Buffy's birth father? He can be heavily involved, or get a passing mention. He could be from another fandom, whatever you want.

-Hollis and Gibbs start having relationship troubles over Buffy. Why does Hollis get her daughter back but he didn't? Why didn't she tell him? Why can't Gibbs just be happy for her?

-Buffy could have been born with a different name that Hollis calls her, one that she takes on as her own again.

-Using Graham Miller, or another character of your choice, instead of Riley, as the messenger.

-How does the NCIS team feel about this? How do they find out? Does Director Shepard get jealous?

-Please don't suddenly have Buffy loving Hollis, and hating Joyce. Make her confused, like the situation calls for.

-Hollis moving to Sunnydale if she breaks up with Gibbs, to help out or Buffy and Dawn going to stay with Hollis in D.C.

Have fun! I'd love to see this!
Challenge Date9 May 12
Last Updated9 May 12

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