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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerZaion
Challenge NameViral Tendencies
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Horror > Resident Evil
DescriptionChallenge Summary: On Halloween Xander is exposed to the Tyrant Virus. However, rather than resulting in his death or uncontrolled mutation he survives the exposure, and the virus bonds with him on a cellular level. In a world now more dangerous than just blood suckers and demons, he must come to terms with his changing existence or face extinction.

Key Elements:
-While it is recommended to utilize the movie incarnation of Umbrella and the Tyrant Virus for this story, the video game universe is viable as well. Simply clarify which if you choose to use the game environs rather than the movies.
-Umbrella Corporation exists in this universe. Xander's exposure should be the result of this, not a halloween costume.
-Umbrella should have a subteranean lab facility somewhere in Sunnydale.
-Whatever incident causes Xander's exposure should be limited and succesfully contained, even if at the cost of lives.
-The reason that Xander survives/bonds may be simply a unique characteristic of his genetics, or it may be the result of whatever person he went for halloween as.
-There should be a mass breakout of the Tyrant Virus in Sunnydale sometime after Graduation.
-The bonding with the virus results in powerful transhuman abilities slowly manifesting themselves.
-Xander should end up going after Umbrella after Sunnydale is sterilized to contain the outbreak there.
-If using the movie universe this story should be set in temporal sync, meaning that the events in Racoon City and involving Alice would not occur until 2002. If set in the game universe then Racoon City has occurred in the past.
-Recommended Pairing would be either Xander/Faith or Xander/Alice.
Challenge Date27 May 12
Last Updated27 May 12

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