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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameI didn't know I was italian.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > L.J. Smith >
DescriptionOne of the things I've most enjoy'd about watching The Vampire Diaries is the interaction between Damon and Stefan. There the most messed up brothers ever. But also, there not the only Salvatore's in Mystic Falls. As it was explained in season 3, their dad knocked up one of the maids and thats how they ended up with so many human descendants.

Why now Xander Harris? After all, Zack Salvatore swear as long as the brothers were alive he'd never have a family. But what if he'd already gotten a women pregnant? Of course, she could have married Tony Harris and never said anything.

Heres what I want people, Xander Harris nee Salvatore. How would he feel to know hes got one ancester who broods more then Angel, and another whos more of a dick then Angelus?

Most Haves:

~Xander finding out his father isn't Tony Harris. Maybe because his mom put another guys name down on his birth certificate, or simply because there bloodtypes are nothing alike.

~He goes to Mystic Falls to see his 'real' father Zack. Only to find out about all this crazy vampire non-sence.

~Meets the brothers, likes one and hates the other, which is which is up to you. After all, Damon was friends with Alerc for years despite him being a vampire hunter who's wife he'd killed and turned. And Stefan broods to much, its annoying.

~Thinks dating Elena cuz she looks like Katherine is creepy.

~Gets his on by one or more of the TVD's girls, Elena, Bonnie, Jeanna, Caroline, Anna, Vicki, Pearl, hell Katherine if it comes up. Any will do. Damon takes this as the Salvatore genes showing through.

Most not have:

~No Buffy bashing, but thinking its weird for old vampires to date teen girls.

~No everyone loves everyone. Xander hunts vampires, there vampires. Might make for a difficult reunion at first.

~Don't turn Xander in the first chapter. Sure, it would be interesting....and Damon seems to turn 'everyone' after a while. But don't do it suddenly.

Remember that these are two different kinds of vampires. Keep that in mind. See how these two worlds would mix together. I think it could be interesting, and I can't recall ever having read this crossover that didn't have Buffy dating another vampire. So make it your own.

): )
Challenge Date27 May 12
Last Updated27 May 12

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