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Challenge IssuerZaion
Challenge NameSons of Krypton
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville > Xander-Centered
DescriptionSummary: On Halloween Xander buys a form-fitting black costume from Ethan's, intending to make a custom costume using it and some odds and ends at home. He paints a symbol onto the chest he discovered in one of Giles books, one from an ancient legend of a Native American tribe, the Kowatchee. That night when the power of Ethan's spell washes over him a new kryptonian is born, one bearing echoes of the House of El within his soul. Driven by his confusion and need for answers he leaves Sunnydale, escaping the radius of Ethan's spell. When the spell ends Xander's mind returns, but he remains forever changed. Forever changed, and knowing that the answers he seeks are somewhere in Smallville, he arranges to go live with an aunt who lives on a farm in the small town of Smallville, never dreaming that the answers to his questions might be closer than he realizes.

Points to Address
-Story should be aligned so that the Halloween event occurs during the fall (first half) of Season 2 of Smallville.
-Xander's costume should include accents chosen by the author (boots, gloves etc) added to the form fitting black one piece which has the House of El symbol painted on it.
-The symbol should be painted using red, silver, blue, or gold paint.
-Xander should have the full (including flight) gamut of Kryptonian powers, along with their susceptibility to kryptonite. This includes having the ability to read the Kryptonian language even though he has nothing more than very brief flashes from the existences that briefly inhabited his body. While he retains his natural memories and mind after the spell 'ends', he remains a kryptonian rather than a human.
-Xander should be driven by a subconscious need to find the answers to explain why he has become what he is, and just why the names Rao and Krypton or the House of El mean something to him, or why he can suddenly read an ancient language found around the world with alien origins.
-Xander's aunt should be Martha Kent or Nell Potter (Lana Lang's aunt).
-Xander's ultimate relationship could be one of many options, depending on how events play out, but recommended are Xander/Faith, Xander/Alicia, Xander/Kara, or Xander/Chloe. Clark's relationship is recommended to ultimately still be Clark/Lois in the end.
-Xander should take on either a black and red or white and blue costume design in time (based off superboy and Project: Match/Project: Kr's solar suits respectively. See the Young Justice Cartoon for the latter image) although his name designation doesn't have to be Superboy. In fact, unless the birth of Alex/Connor is prevented, Xander should NOT take on the monniker Superboy.
-Xander should primarily remain involved in the Smallville storyline, although him providing backup during apocalypse season in Sunnydale is not out of the question.
-Xander may be estranged from his former sunnydale friends or maintain contact, depending on the route taken and whether or not he tells them his secret. Either way he should not remain in Sunnydale for longer than a week following the events of Halloween.
-Regardless of who becomes Xander's romantic interest, he should trust one of the three (Chloe, Lana, Faith) with his secret before the end of his senior year (season 3 of smallville) at the latest. This can occur earlier depending on events, particularly if a situation causes him to reveal his abilities to someone (for example if he has to reveal his powers to Chloe).
Challenge Date29 May 12
Last Updated1 Jun 12

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