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Challenge IssuerChikaraKatherine
Challenge NameSmaug's hatchling
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotR
DescriptionI would like to see something no ones tried before. Buffy becomes a wrymling thanks to Glorys portal. Or because she would have been a dragon in the middle earth/Forgotten Realms universe. She's barley one year of age or younger. Lands on top of a sleeping Smaug set 25 years before the Hobbit.

If you would like to add Forgotten Realms elements I request you have Smaug leave middle earth sometime after the Hobbit. Lets say he lives and escapes. The planes of reality would be weak still from Glory's half assed attempt to plane shift to her own world. So anyone with the power level of a old dragon like Smaug would be able to take full atvanage of this. Even Elrond or an older elf would be able to shift planes if they knew how very easly. fixing the damage Glory did to a lot if not all the mulityverse would take a lot of time and effort. So things would have to be fixed upon level of threat. Say a rift from one of the nine hells or the abyss opens into Valar. Or Mograth gets lose early. Those rifts are going to be fixed first.

Smaug's been discribed as being both red and gold scaled. Thus he's half red half gold dragon. While most full reds would shun him. Golds would be a bit more forgiving and possible firendly. So long as he didn't try to hurt any of them or the young. Most would at the least let them rest in there Even if Smaug things humans/elfs/drawves make good food. He's never been mentioned as hating his own kind. Even if he won't fully understand the dragon rules in the Forgotten Realms. He won't be likely to hurt other dragons. Baby Buffy droping out of a portal and landing on Smaugs head or body would create much up roar with the dragons. As most would be ready to kill anything that would hurt a wrmyling of there own kind. Having some wizard or spell caster. Throw a baby threw a portal from some other plane or place would make them Hulk smash angry.

Only must haves in this are as followed. No Surron controling Smaug Buffy or any other dragon. He didn't have the power to do so. Other wise he would have in his first war against middle earth. Two Buffy is raised a dragon. She can retain the slayer powers or have them morph into some rare dragon talent. She can even have a human form after she learns to control her magic. But she is a dragon idenity wise. Three no Willow pulling her back. Willow didn't have the power to do that short of thing at the end of season four/five. She also didn't have the knowledge to do so. So please keep Willow and the others out of it. Unless its far later and has plot reasons.

Must no see's any of the Angel crew showing up. I don't care for any of them a whole lot. One exception is Linsey. He can show up if you want to bring him in. Other wise have fun and do as you will.
Challenge Date4 Jun 12
Last Updated4 Jun 12

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