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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerZaion
Challenge NameLegacy of the Superman
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Justice League
DescriptionChallenge Summary: Xander wears the costume of Kell-El, the 41st century clone of Superman, for Halloween. He gets hit by a blast of magic from someone who dressed as a witch/warlock/wizard etc for Halloween, just as the spell ends, and due to his vulnerability to magic it alters him permanently, leaving his body and dna merged with that of Kell-El's. When Angelus opens the portal via Acathla, and his soul is returned, Buffy can't bring herself to stab him. Realizing that he has seconds to save the world, Xander flies into Angelus, stabbing him with the sword and sending the both of them through the portal to save the world. The portal however dumps them not into a Hell dimension, but right at the feet of Superman, as he makes his speach to the other founding members of the Justice League. Now trapped in another world, with great power he accepts the guidance and invitation to join with Earth's greatest heroes. Only time will tell if this will lead the world to greater heights, or doom it to greater depths.

Key Points
-Xander has the powers of Superman X/Kell-El.
-Angel is with Xander when they go through the portal. As they appear onboard the Watchtower, it is up to the author whether Angel is exposed to solar radiation and dusted or not.
-Should have Xander intimately involved in a battle with Morgan La Fey.
-Xander should be given a place living with the Kents, Clark, or Wally West.
-Pairing should be with a female League member (post expansion to become the JLU roster, although this relationship can begin earlier on).
-Pairing is recommended to not be with a Kryptonian, but not forbidden.
-Can have Xander finding a way back home eventually, but not required.
-Can have Xander training under Batman to improve his fighting technique, but not required.
Challenge Date4 Jun 12
Last Updated4 Jun 12

Challenge Responses

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