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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerRingofHeart
Challenge NameHarry Potter and the Assasain of Atlantis
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionThis challenge takes all events until the end of BtVS in season 7 as canonical, as well as the Fall. However, anything after this, gone, never happened. Also, this is after the final battle with Voldemort. Epilogue continuity is up to the author.
Humanity becomes aware of the existence of supernatural creatures and, scared for it's survival, builds the underwater city of Atlantis. Buffy takes a position in the government there as the head of the ESC (Elimination of Supernatural Creatures) department.
Wizards hear about the hellmouth and LA falling and go into extensive hiding to avoid being discovered. In a way that is up to the author, Harry is somehow discovered as a very powerful source of magic and Buffy is sent out to apprehend him.
-Buffy realizes at some point that she has gotten to dealing with Magic in a way to similar to the Initiative for comfort and institutes heavy reforms that make her unpopular with the general populous of Atlantis.
-Buffy invites the Scooby Gang down (they do not live there and haven't visited because Buffy has cut herself off from them).
-Most government officials very afraid of magic.
- This line: "You fly on a broom? Isn't that kind of cliched?"
-This line: "I know a thing or two about destiny, Harry. My destiny was going around the world destroying a bunch of nasties and teaching others to do the same for a long time, now it's here handling magic affairs. You never truly get away from it. But, destiny has....some benefits,"
-Hermione and Ron showing up at some point
-Harry/Buffy fic. He could help her to realize all that's been going wrong with her life. Although, like I said, the decision to include Ginny is up to the author.
- The underwater environment beginning to evolve the populace, causing powers to manifest as well as faulty magic readings.
-Wizards eventually coming out to the muggle population.
-Some sort of big prophecy involving Harry and Buffy, maybe also providing another use for The Key.
-Xander getting his eye back after a magical healing
-Harry moving the aurors office to Atlantis to be closer to Buffy OR Buffy moving back on land to "see the world again" and be closer to Harry.
-A kiss during the second line! :)
Challenge Date6 Jun 12
Last Updated6 Jun 12

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