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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerRingofHeart
Challenge NameBefore Buffy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionThis is before Buffy was even called.
Premise: Sunnydale was always a hellmouth, even if Buffy was not living there. Who took care of big bads before the Scoobies?
Must Haves:
-One of the characters should have some sort of supernatural power or be some sort of supernatural creature. Weather this is from the crossover with another fandom or not is the author's decision.
-This character must share how he got this power with another character at some point, even if this story is as simple as "My mom was a veela,"
-There must be an adviser of some sort
-Main battlers (other than adviser and possible adviser love interest) should be in middle or high school.
-At least one pureblooded human
Must Not's:
-The supernatural character should not be a slayer whatsoever
-Adviser can't be involved with the council at all (however, if the adviser is the one who introduces the others to the buffyverse because he is a creature that must check in with the council from time to time, I'll allow it)
-Characters eventually find love interests: either with each other, other kids at school, or this is a great time to introduce that crossover!
-Eventually their group and the Scoobies could work in harmony and/or (eventually) together.
-The group flying slightly more blind because of no prophecies
-The adviser asking the PTB why this is (if he knows about it) and them telling him that no one in the important, but they're lying.
-The only "special" being in the group is the one supernatural guy who is not in league with the PTB/Council, so the whole group could not know about any governing bodies. If this happens they should be confronted by the supernatural somehow.
Have fun with this!
Challenge Date6 Jun 12
Last Updated7 Jun 12

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