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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerZaion
Challenge NameYou Built What?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > General: SG-1
DescriptionChallenge Summary: On Halloween Ethan got it into his head to beef up the power of his spell. Unfortunately, as they say, no plan survives first contact with the enemy, and chaos is by its very nature unpredictable. Around Sunnydale () people, wearing costumes of some of the greatest geniuses and engineers of the media multiverse, are about to meet and form an agreement that will reverberate through Earth’s future, changing its destiny. Meanwhile, under a mountain in Colorado, an elite team of USAF soldiers is antagonizing an enemy from the stars.

Key Plot Elements:
-The story begins during Season 2 of BtvS and Season 1 of Stargate SG-1.
-The events of episode 1.15 “Singularity” are occurring at some point between the beginning of the story and the end of 1997. It is the last of the episode recorded events of Stargate SG-1 to occur in 1997. This is the episode where Cassandra is brought back from the planet Hanka and the Naquadah bomb is discovered in her body.
-Ethan’s altered spell causes more than just the individuals to transform, but also creates closely related hardware of theirs in orbit or hovering/landed above the city.
-When the spell ends, the members of the group, as listed below, retain all the memories and knowledge of their Halloween counterparts, as well as any physical alterations/adjustments/enhancements form their possession. As well, all their hardware remains transformed even as the original host personalities return to the fore of their bodies.
-The group should all meet up while under the possession of the costumes, and should still be together when the spell ends. This leads to them making a decision to work together, a pact to form a loose coalition that will eventually take one of them as its leader.
-The costumes selected should ensure that people have the technical knowledge and skills of four universes: Stargate (their native universe), Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5.
-Dawn has been created from the Key by Halloween in this story.
-The below list of characters and costumes is not required, but is presented as a frame of reference and possibilities. The list includes the universe tech that they get knowledge from, as well as the large piece of hardware transported through with each of them.
Special Note: I chose the list below to get a spattering of technology from the different universes, while hopefully selecting characters who’s personalities would blend or enhance well with the wearers, and who’s overall knowledge and personality could work well together. It’s just a recommendation, not an absolute requirement to use this costume list (although Xander’s Janus costume is arguably the best way to get him the appropriate Lantean knowledge given the situation).

Character and Costume List:
-Xander (Janus) Stargate – Puddle Jumper carrying a portable Lantean database as well as four ZPMs in storage is created in the middle of the street beside where Xander transforms. (The logic here is that Ethan put a costume in the shop of what an old, old scroll said was a priest of Janus. In reality it was a Lantean outfit, bearing the personal identification marking of the Lantean scientist Janus).
-Buffy (Susan Ivanova) Babylon 5 – Star Fury, with on-board data on a number of Earth Alliance and Minbari technologies.
-Willow (Belanna Torres) Star Trek – The Delta Flyer is created hovering over where Willow is transformed.
-Oz (Data) Star Trek – Run About with on board database.
-Cordelia (Rommy) Andromeda – The Andromeda Ascendant is created in high orbit, concealing itself behind the moon upon realizing that there is no crew on board.
-Jono (Garik “Face” Loran) Star Wars – Customized X-Wing fighter, along with an astromech droid with technical data and specs on board.
-Andrew (Galen) Babylon 5 – Small stealth techno-mage ship.
-Dawn (Beka Valentine) Andromeda – The Eureka Maru or a Slip Fighter is created landed at the Sunnydale Airport.

-The group should use their knowledge to begin building more technology, either at a hidden base, or to explore the galaxy. Whether they interfere with the events at the end of Season 1 of SG-1 or not is up to you. You may have them stop Apophis’ Ha’tak vessels, or have them successfully hide and not reveal themselves to or discover the SGC until several years later.
-Regardless of the route taken, the group should beat Dr. Weir to Atlantis, both to restore the sunken city to full power and to access its database for the purpose of constructing new hardware.
-The group may, upon meeting the SGC, present themselves as humans from earth in some manner, disguise themselves as an alien race, or present themselves as humans from another world.
-Xander’s “native” knowledge should lead to him likely becoming the leader of the group in time.
Challenge Date7 Jun 12
Last Updated7 Jun 12

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