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Challenge Issuerlilacsandroses
Challenge NameBuffy's New Destiny
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Wars
DescriptionPairings: Buffy and Anakin

(Season 3: Anne) Buffy runs away from home and she helps Lily and other runways from the hell dimension. Buffy gets rerouted to another portal to the Jedi Council where her biological father (Qui-Gon Jinn) is. Please note that Buffy is 17 but she did not (I repeat, did not) have a sexual relationship with Angel. You can make it that Dru and Spike found someone who could release Angel's soul. Please explain how Qui-Gon is her father.

Anakin is 19 years old and is married to Padme. I know what you're thinking that will not work but this is not suppose to be an easy happy endings it is about fighting for their love for each other than that, it means dealing with many obstacles along the way.

The prophecy states that Anakin will bring balance to the Force what if it is not Anakin they speak of but Buffy herself. Buffy is already a Chosen One on her world what if she is the Chosen One on her father world also.

I would like to see her scolding her father on the prophecy, explaining that prophecies are annoying and she already died once because of the prophecy and she will also explain what her life as the Slayer is like. I would like to "see" the expression the Council's faces when they hear of these revelations.

I would like to see that Padme is not a perfect person and that she is very jealous of the friendship between Anakin and Buffy. Please show her dark side when she thinks that Anakin is cheating on her, of course it hadn't happen yet, but her jealousy will drive him to Buffy in the end. Show a lots of antsy and arguments between them.

Buffy will not enter the relationship with Anakin easily for she will be conflicted by her feelings for him and his married status to Padme. Buffy is a morally person when it comes to relationships that are already taken. SO, this will need to be dealt with delicately. Maybe, something will happen to Anakin to make her give in by confessing her love for him and their relationship turns to sexual.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan finds out about their relationship and will be upset and they will ask them to end it for the sake of all of them that are involved. They will end it but come back to each in a year later but couple of months into their relationship they will learn of Padme’s pregnancy. Try to show their reactions, Buffy becomes upset and end their relationship due to the child needing both their parents. Anakin will fight her to keep her that he will be the father but he will not live with them. Arguments will ensues, Buffy leaves to calm down and goes to see her father and she confessed to him about her relationship with Anakin. She asked her father to ask the Council to send her away where she would not see Anakin and be hurt by it all.

The Council sent Buffy away on long-term mission, Anakin wasn't happy about this but Padme is. This is where Anakin will be seduced by Palpatine for he sees Buffy's death. Buffy gets prophetic dreams of Anakin descent to the dark side and she leaves to save him. She will confront him at the Jedi-School to save the children.

You can include this part also:
(While she is on her mission a portal opens and reveals her mother, Giles, and the Scoobies they all decided to leave Earth to help Buffy in her new destiny. Joyce reveals that Whistler told her where she went and apology to her daughter for not telling the truth about her biological father. Joyce explains that one day he was there and next he disappears, no explanations except Whistler did. Giles and the Scoobies decided a new life will be good for them and their sacrifices will be appreciated in this new world.)

Buffy becomes furious when she learns of Palpatine. She knew deep down he was evil. She will confess to the Council of her suspicious, they do not believe her. She decides to confront him where witnesses are involved maybe at the Senate hearing. He will reveal himself as Dark Sith. Behold, the Council now believe her and watches her fight him. They realize she is the Chosen One that the prophecy speaks of, to bring balance to the Force.

Anakin ends his marriage after learning the children are not his but Captain Panaka. He and Buffy married in front the Senate and Council after realizing attachments isn’t the bad thing but bring strength to them all. They will learn their lesson through Buffy for she has many to give because she is the survivor and she bring justice to the innocents.

I hope your musie will give you many ideas to make this challenge come true. I hope it will be fun to write about it, as for me, it will be fun to read it.

Have fun!
Challenge Date11 Jun 12
Last Updated11 Jun 12

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