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Challenge NameJust Who Was Kate Summers, Anyway?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Other-Comedy Shows
DescriptionI've only seen a few episodes of the classic TV sitcom "Silver Spoons". However, one of the main characters, Kate Summers (later Kate Summers Stratton), portrayed by Buck Rogers's Erin Gray, happens to share the same last name as one of our very favorite vampire slayers.

I'd like to see someone who knows more about "Silver Spoons" than I do work Kate into a crossover -- or work a BtVS character into "Silver Spoons".

Here are Ye Olde Criteria... e.

1. Kate must be important enough to the story that, without her presence -- and without the existence of the "Silver Spoons" universe -- the story would not make sense. This is the main reason I can't write the story -- the only episode I can remember seeing is the one with Mr. T.

2. The story must involve Joyce somehow, which means it has to occur before her death in Season 5. I'm using the Buffy Wiki ( as the canonical source for Joyce's life pre-Sunnydale.

3. Joyce does not have to be the main character. In fact, if you can manage to make Hank the main character and make him somewhat sympathetic (and not just a one-trick "abandoned his family" pony), that would be pretty amazing.

4. The story can occur any time during Joyce or Kate's lives -- before, after, or during either show. However, it has to occur after Joyce met/married Hank, because Summers is not Joyce's maiden name.

5. Long-lost sister stories are NOT allowed. Joyce has two sisters: Arlene and Lolly (who you may feel free to include). However, Kate can be Hank's long-lost sister if you'd like.

6. My biggest pet peeve of stories like this is that there's been this character in the background the whole time that writers retcon into the storyline as having been there but off-screen. Please don't do this. If you do, I will be sad. (Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, et al can all be knowledgeable about Kate, to be sure, but she can't have been a big influence in their lives during the show because... well... she wasn't.) Picking a point to introduce Kate and make the rest of the story AU from that point on out is acceptable -- i.e.: after Joyce's death, Kate comes to check on her nieces or somesuch.

7. PLEASE do not post any WIPs. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If your story has multiple chapters, please FINISH WRITING THE STORY before you start posting. In the fanfic world, the only thing I dislike more than MPreg (which I actually wrote a song about) is abandoned WIPs. (If you want to contact me and have me take a look at what you've got so far and maybe offer suggestions, I'd be totally fine with that. But I ask with all my heart that you don't post a WIP that later gets abandoned. Thank you.)

8. Dropping Kate into the "Angel" universe is fine too, as long as you follow the "Joyce must appear at some point" rule. But you may NOT say anything even close to "in a previous life, Kate Lockley was Kate Summers Stratton". No offense, but I'd find that to be kind of a cop-out.

9. If you want to use an existing crossover character from show canon (such as Arnold from "Diff'rent Strokes", who crossed over to "Silver Spoons" at least once), go ahead.

10. Extra points for making a "Buck Rogers" joke.

So... any children of the 80s want to take a crack at this? I'd love to read what you come up with, and I promise to review the story once it's complete.
Challenge Date12 Jun 12
Last Updated12 Jun 12

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