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Challenge IssuerShadowKage
Challenge NameThe Dovahkiin: A.L.H. Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy
DescriptionThe Dovahkiin: A.L.H. Challenge:

(Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/BtVS-AtS Crossover with the Possibility for others.)

When misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world.
When the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped.
When the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles.
When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls.
When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding.
The World-Eater wakes, and the Wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn.

In the World of the Elder Scrolls there are many mystical, mysterious, powerful, powerless, strange, terrifying, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and wondrous things, places, and beings. Each story interconnected to the next and/or previous, each tale leading up to an event that many hoped would never come to pass. The Prophecy of Dovahkiin. However, one wonders...

What if the bloodline for the Dovahkiin was not in the World of the Elder Scrolls? What if it, in actuality, was in another world? What if the Last of the Dovahkiin was unaware of their heritage? What if they were on a world that has many of the same wondrous and terrifying beings, locations, and items, yet different? What if the Dovahkiin was on the Boca del Infierno?

Rule 1: The Dovahkiin HAS to be Alexander Lavele Harris.

Sub-Rule 1: If you, the author, decide to have a pairing for this story then Xander CANNOT be in a Slash Relationship; Nor can he be in a relationship with ANY UNDEAD of ANY KIND (i.e No Vampires, Mummies, Zombies, etc.).

Rule 2: Each Chapter must contain a Minimum of 1500 Words and a Maximum of 35,000 words (if you're just under or above then you're still within the rules).

Rule 3: At some point in time, between his Road Trip and after Season 7 (with at least six months in Africa by this point), Xander MUST go the World of the Elder Scrolls to take up his destiny. Preferably during his Road Trip, but not required to be at that exact time.

Rule 4: Depending on when Xander leaves for the World of the Elder Scrolls he must return to Earth with ALL his skills, abilities, powers, memories, and equipment.

Sub-Rule 2: This rule is in response to Rule 4. If Xander leaves for the World of the Elder Scrolls at anytime after or during Season 7, then he must somehow have either traveled back in time to his current timeline's past or an alternate timeline's past. Preferably either around Season 2 or Season 3, but can be as far back as Season 1 or as far forward/back as Season 4. With that said it cannot be Season 5, Season 6, or Season 7.

Rule 5: This is initially a BtVS-AtS/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Crossover, however, if you, the author, believe you can add other series' to this story realistically, then go for it.

That's it for the rules pretty much. Have fun writing this story up and good luck to everyone who takes up the challenge.
Challenge Date12 Jun 12
Last Updated12 Jun 12

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