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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheLaughingMan
Challenge NameBeneath the Pyramid
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Horror
DescriptionBTVS/Silent Hill Crossover. The idea of this challenge is that Xander was Alessa's big brother by a year, always defending her from classmates and their mother while attacking those who hurt her. After Alessa's hospitalization, Xander went insane and was placed in an asylum. He was unable to cope with the complete failure of his brotherly duties as they were so vital to him that he based his entire life around protecting his little sister. Attempting to help him, Alessa split Xander's soul into two parts: one was comprised of his lighter half, noble and self-sacraficing with the urge to protect and defend others; the other was his darker half that had all of his rage aimed at his sister's tormentors and existed for the sole purpose of protecting Alessa and punishing those who hurt her. Desperate to save her brother from the Order's plans, she sent 'Xander' to the nearest supernatural nexus, the Hellmouth, and implanted memories into the minds of a married couple so he would live a happy life, but kept his darker side for herself, unable to bare losing her bother completely.

Pyramid Head is that darker half, comprised of Xander's self-loathing for being unable to save Alessa and blaming himself for being too weak. As Xander grew and experienced more things, Pyramid Head also grew in strength and symbolism as he incorporated his lighter half's darkest fantasies into his being i.e. sexual aggression and repression. They both grow, Xander in maturity and PH in power, but eventually the halves must meet. Upon taking his road trip, Xander has a car wreck three miles from Silent Hill and embarks on quest of self-discovery that will lead him to his destiny as the reborn Xuchilbara.

Rules: No Slash, must be rated M or higher, Xander must become Alessa' emissary to the outside.

Story Theme Song(s): Sad But True (Metaliica), Psycho Man (Black Sabbath).
Challenge Date17 Jun 12
Last Updated17 Jun 12

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