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Challenge Issuercmdruhura
Challenge NamePunisher (NOT Xander)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Punisher, The
DescriptionI've read several crossovers where Xander becomes The Punisher. How about giving someone else the chance?
I prefer Buffy, Willow or Cordelia but it might be neat to see Giles, Joyce, Jenny, Oz, Jonathan, or a Cordette in that role. (Definitely not Tara. That'd be too OOC.)

The Punisher's primary targets can be any of the following: The Council, Wolfram & Hart, vampires/demons, various human mobs, The Order of Taraka, The Initiative, or some other shady group.

If Buffy is not the Punisher and you keep her alive (I hope), no pairing with Angel or Spike, or any other vampire or demon.

This is Buffy AU with no characters directly from Marvel. You can have surviving BtVS characters change but no one gets super powers though they can train to be the best soldier, spy, assassin, archer, knife thrower, martial artist, etc. that a human can become. Magic is allowed to help them gain knowledge but they still have to train themselves to use that knowledge.

Any Season of Buffy is fair game but I think the first three would be best. Dawn can't become the Punisher if you do seasons 5, 6 or 7.

No male slash. If desired and you work it into the story well you can have fem slash or hetero pairings.

High level of violence desired.
Challenge Date22 Jun 12
Last Updated22 Jun 12

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