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Challenge IssuerZaion
Challenge NameGrey Rays of a Red Sun
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville > Xander-Centered
DescriptionNote: This challenge is a modification of my Sons of Krypton challenge concept. Instead of Xander wearing the House of El symbol on his costume he instead wears the symbol of Zod on his costume, resulting in a very different Xander.

Challenge Summary: On Halloween Xander buys a form-fitting black body-suit and a black trench coat from Ethan’s, intending to make a custom costume using it and some odds and ends at home. He paints a symbol onto the chest that he discovered in one of Giles’s books, one found in a book about a myth of a legendary Traveler who will come to Earth, to either save or destroy it. That night when the power of Ethan’s spell washes over him Major Zod strides forth upon the Earth for a night, leaving behind his knowledge and gifts to the young Sunnydalian. Confused by what he now knows, and driven out of his home by his alcoholic father, Xander is sent to live with an aunt who lives on a farm in the small town of Smallville, never dreaming that the answers to the burning questions within his mind might be closer than he realizes.

Key Plot Elements:
-Story should be aligned so that the Halloween event occurs during the fall (first half) of Season 2 of Smallville.
-Xander’s costume should include accents chosen by the author (boots, gloves, chains, studs etc.) added to the form-fitting black one piece with the symbol of Zod painted on it, and to the black trench coat.
-The symbol should be painted using silver or blue paint.
-Xander should have the full (including flight) gamut of Kryptonian powers, along with their susceptibility to kryptonite. This includes the ability to read the Kryptonian language. While he retains his natural memories and mind when the spell ‘ends’, his body remains Kryptonian, and he has the full memories, knowledge and skills of Major Zod within his mind.
-Zod’s mind is the snapshot from the moment when his DNA and memories were placed into the Orb by Jor-El. This means that the knowledge and influencing memories affecting Xander are the same ones that Zod has when he is released from the Orb at the end of season 8 of Smallville.
-Xander is a full-blooded Kryptonian on and following Halloween, NOT one who’s DNA was treated with blue kryptonite inside the Orb. Thus he has the full Kryptonian abilities.
-Xander should be sent to live with his Aunt within a week following Halloween. This should be the result of some sort of confrontation with his father.
-Xander’s Aunt should be Martha Kent or Nell Potter (Lana Lang’s Aunt)
-Xander should be driven by Zod’s memories, and have a hard time coming to grips with them. He should also be a far darker/greyer person than Clark Kent becomes (although still ultimately on the side of light).
-Lex Luthor should be redeemed, not allowed to fall into darkness and become worse than his father ever was.
-Xander’s ultimate relationship could be with any girl, but it is recommended to be a Kryptonian in the end (regardless of who he dates earlier). Potential matches include Raya, Kara, and Faora’s younger sister.
-Xander should tend towards black for his hero outfit, with the symbol of Zod prevalent on the chest. Variations upon his initial costume are most recommended.
-Xander should primarily remain involved in the Smallville storyline, although him providing backup during apocalypse season in Sunnydale is not ouft of the question.
-Xander has the memories of a driven soldier, one with a darkside and deep pain from losing his family. When dealing with beings like Angelus he will have no mercy, no matter what people like Buffy might say. If he returns to Sunnydale to deal with Angelus he will go for the kill. Whether the PTB (Jasmine_ resurrects Angel, or has Whistler stop Xander is up to the reader, but Angel should return the following fall to continue the Buffy/Angel storyline.
-Xander may be estranged from his former Sunnydale friends or maintain contact, depending on his behavior dealing with Zod’s memories and influence after Halloween ad whether or not he tells them his secret. Either way he should not remain in Sunnydale for longer than a week following the events of Halloween, and any return visits should not top more than three weeks at a time.
Challenge Date25 Jun 12
Last Updated25 Jun 12

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