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Challenge IssuerRedRaptor
Challenge NameXander Harris: Amazon Prince
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Wonder Woman
DescriptionAn idea that came to me from reading various Justice League stories. I've seen Xander in relationships with Diana that run the gambit from fellow hero, friend, lover/husband, even as her son. One I haven't seen is Xander being Diana's brother.

Suppose that Hyppolita had given birth to a son. To show her sincerity that no man be allowed on Themyscira, she beseeches the Gods to take her son and place him somewhere where she cannot contact him. Jump ahead however many years (decades/centuries?) and a reason arises that forces the Queen of the Amazons to find her abandoned child. Whether that reason is due to a powerful/common enemy, personal reasons, a prophesy or quest, I leave the decision up to your imagination. Whether you wish to include Donna in the story, again, I leave to your discretion.

As to the time-line, ideally I'd like to see this set sometime in BTVS where Xander is at a low point in his life. Perhaps S3 where he is being pushed to be fray-adjacent or S4 where he's trying to find his place in life. Post-Chosen is certainly a possibility, however Xander would have been able to start figuring out his niche and I would like to see someone tackle the underlying themes of self-discovery and finding family (one that he can actually become proud to belong to, should he not have any resenting feelings of abandonment).

NOTE: The only restriction I am imposing is that should you place Xander in a romantic relationship that it NOT be slash.
Challenge Date28 Jun 12
Last Updated29 Jun 12

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