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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAislingNiRiain
Challenge NameDiary of a Teenaged Drummer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies
DescriptionCrossover with Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Movie verse). I am issuing this challenge cause after watching the movies I really wanted to read some crossovers that involve Rodrick, but haven't been able to find any.

Basic plot line: Löded Diper is on tour and ends up stranded in Sunnydale. The how and why of the stranding is up to you. Story is to follow Rodrick's relationships with the Scoobies. I am not to picky about the rest of the plot and leave it to your digression. Just that Rodrick becomes involved with one of them ( see following rule on which character I want to see him paired with). The happy (or not so happy?) couple do not have to stay in Sunnydale, perhaps Rodrick want to show his beau off to his rents.

Rules/ Guidelines:
I would like the story to be slash (m/m).

It would like to see Rodrick paired with one or more of the following BTVS characters Xander, Spike, Angel or/and Oz. Am open to other male characters as well from Buffy or Angel verse.

Can use book use either book or movie verse from the Wimpy Kidd, though I have only seen he movies and have not read the books so keep that in mind.

I would love to see a multiple chapter story, but will be happy with one shots.
Challenge Date1 Jul 12
Last Updated1 Jul 12

Challenge Responses

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