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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerGand
Challenge NameMurdoch-mysteries: The case of Xander Harris
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television
DescriptionI've recently came across this series on TV.

The show takes place in Toronto in 1890's, and features William Murdoch as a detective/scientist who is keen on incorporating the latest techniques (including the “finger marks” he is so fond of) into his investigations.

See for more information

I would like to see him interact with Xander and Dawn.
Both Xander and Dawn should be adults, as they would have a hard time trying to blend in as Californian teens in this time-period. They should also have watcher-training in languages, research and fighting as they, before coming here, worked for the New Watchers Council.

Why and how they arrived in this time-period is up to you.
Was it voluntary? An accident? Action of an enemy?

Are they in their own reality where the supernatural exists as it does in the Buffy-verse, or are they somewhere else?

None of the other characters from Buffy should appear.

I would like Dawn and Xander to mostly fit in with the environment, but I can't see Dawn as a woman sitting at home waiting to be married of... and Xander is ... well... Xander.
In their neighborhood they are regarded as a somewhat odd pair. (They poses as siblings. They are not romantically involved.)

How they come to cross paths with Murdoch is up to you..

I would like some humor, and solving a mystery.
Challenge Date13 Jul 12
Last Updated13 Jul 12

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