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Challenge IssuerSlykeDB
Challenge NameFem!Harry
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other
DescriptionOkay we've all seen a couple gender bending fics, and instead of adding a new character grab the most powerful mage we got, and put em in the most powerful mage we got. Harry grows up in a family that isn't his, but isn't abusive- just neglectful!

Almost heaven growing up, compared to the Dursley's it's everything he ever wanted, his new parents tried! And gave him money for food and never hit him and... By the time Harry had aged enough and his brain advanced enough that he could fit inside his own head and remember who he really was, he was also Willow, by nature and nurture. Not that being Harry was all that great to begin with, a few flashes of light in an otherwise dismal life. And here almost right of the bat there was Xander, who Harry/Willow had met as a kid, who was the absolute best friend any girl/guy could have. Harry was pretty sure he wasn't gay, but going through puberty as a girl, was difficult, and Xander was always there, and he had decided he had loved him YEARS ago and his parents were talking all about the alternative life styles and how they'd love him no matter what (perhaps not the best thing to try to explain to a seven year-old). Of course then Xander had to fall for Buffy, and he could understand that, she was beautiful in ways that reminded him of friends lost with a strength he didn't expect. The vampires were different than he remembered, and his memory was kind of shot so many things were lost in an infants mind, it just could sort them all into the right places.

Anyways, was picturing a fun goal of the love triangle between Xander / Buffy / Willow, where Willow starts off mostly gay? (For Harry it would be straight)

Fun things to have, Willow, Jessie and Xander girl watching. "Yeah I totally get that Cordelia is hot, but she's such a bitch it does't matter, now Aura, look at that ASS!" Willow mentioned, only letting that side of her out around her dearest friends. (Xander and Jessie not really willing to put up with the grief of being gay in highschool, but knowing they would care or rat her out)
Willow pulling for Xander/Buffy
Willow fluking with Xander "I thought you were gay!" "I AM!" (and back to kissing) Might happen earlier when she first realizes she has serious competition for him.
Willow isn't as much a tag along for Buffy, she's more Xander's friend than Buffy's lackey, her life as Harry gave her enough confidence for that.
Xander and Willow support each other more. Less dependence on each other, but a deeper connection they push each other, Xander's creativity to Willows brilliance. Almost picturing the whole Xander as Kirk all passion and heart, Willow as Spock logic and brilliance.

Should have:
Buffy trying to talk with Willow about Angels hotness and Willow just not getting it. (not gonna let Buffy in on all her secrets right away...) "He's such a hottie." "Buffy, he's a vampire they're room temperature."
Willow realizing there is magic here, but it's different than what she learned at Hogwarts, but there is some crossover. Once he gets started he starts picking it up really quick. The meditation channeling of energy and such would be similar even if the spells themselves were different.
Willow going the route of the techno-pagan more than wicca, more used to working through foci.
Xander being AWESOME... and completely and totally human.

Would like to see:
Xander/Buffy/Willow threesome!
Xander and Willow comparing notes on Buffy behind her back.
Xander and Willow buddy cop action.
Challenge Date16 Jul 12
Last Updated16 Jul 12

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