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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameHarry and the power of Love
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth Series
DescriptionWhen his life is in danger due to neglect of his relatives, his magic twists itself into a stange form.

Dudley hits Harry all the time, until he understands noone more beautiful had walked the world. He is like a sun, like chocolate, like icecream... Dudley is ready to die to make Harry smile.
When one day Petunia Dursley looks into the eyes of her nephew, she suddenly knows he is larger than the world.
As Vernon suspects something amiss, he moves to strike the freak. Suddenly, his hand drops. Power, he feels power from this god in the mortal flesh. He'd do anything to please him.

Basically, Harry with the powers of Kahlan Amnell.

One of the Scoobies either lives/happens to be/is dropped in Surrey due to the malfunctioning interdimensional portal/etc. and notices either discharge of magic, Vernon's attack and its sudden halt or just something amiss in Dursley's behaviour.

I hope it is Xander, because I like fanfiction Xander.

Bonus if at first Harry is suspected to be a demon. He might even get attacked. Bonus if he is considered the big bad until misunderstanding is cleared.
It could also be a dramatic story where misunderstanding is not cleared until Harry is forced to use his power again - this time on the Scooby in question. Or Scooby might pretend it works to get to know his plans. And understanding of what happened after talking with other "mojoed" people.

In the end they take Harry in or forcefully move in with the Dursleys (into the neigbouring house) and try to instill Harry with a strong moral compass and control of his abilities.
Challenge Date17 Jul 12
Last Updated17 Jul 12

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