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Challenge IssuerColdhands
Challenge NameThe Uncharted Summers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Other Genre
DescriptionCrossover with UNCHARTED.

The basic premise of this challenge: Nathan Drake is actually Buffy's son, which explains his (lets face it) superhuman abilities. All that is really required is the inclusion of the backstory, but it would be nice if you took a look at the other stuff I've got below and played with it.

More in-depth:

- Backstory -
Buffy tried to retire from slaying a few years after "Chosen" and changed her identity and moves away in order to protect her new life. She gets pregnant and marries the baby's father. They have a pretty good family with the normal ups and downs for the next 4 years, until she's recognized for who she really is and they try to kill her, nearly killing her family. She realizes pretending to be someone else won't work and she's endangering her family. She slaughters the demons threatening her, then fakes her false-identity's death, making it look like a suicide, and returns to the Council. Nathan's father descends into alcoholism and is unable to hang onto his son who is taken by the state. From that point on Nathan's adolescence and adulthood is how it is shown in the games.

- Present -
Post Uncharted 3, Nathan is married to Elena who is pregnant. They are on vacation/adventure in South America (or wherever) where they are attacked by armed guerrilla troops in the area (or whoever) and Nathan's superhuman climbing, jumping, shooting and just plain survival abilities are witnessed by a Demon Hunting Squad (not affiliated with the Council). They capture the happy couple, and test Nathan's blood, thinking he's part demon. Now they don't like part-demons but are willing to put up with them if they promise to work for them, but what they find instead is that he the child of a Slayer - specifically Buffy (they have her DNA on file from previous encounters with her). This group HATES slayers and considers them part of the problem, all that mystical mumbo jumbo when real humans ought to be killing demons. The head of the squad has a personal hatred of Buffy, and decides to use Nathan to lure her into a trap. Nathan is shocked and kind of angry to find out his mother is alive, but angrier still that the Demon Hunting Squad is threatening Elena and their baby in order to keep him there for their trap. Buffy springs the trap, helps rescue them and brings them back to the Council.

- Miscellaneous -
1. Riley and Sam could be the Council's guys on the inside of the Demon Hunting Squad, which the Council feels is too radical and dangerous.
2. Buffy has another child, several years younger than Nathan who she sent to a special Convent to keep her safe: The Little Sisters of the Immaculate Chainsaw.
3. Sully is the girl's father and Buffy is actually one of the women who stars in his stories.
4. Xander and Dawn are married with a son, who due to Xander's Hyena possession was born a natural were-hyena, which basically means he transforms whenever he wants and is only contagious on the full moon when he MUST change ("He'll switch from 'yay! throw me the ball!' to 'fuck off' at the drop of a hat" -Xander). Nathan meets this cousin of his.
Challenge Date22 Jul 12
Last Updated22 Jul 12

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