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Challenge IssuerLegacyWeapon
Challenge NameA Watcher's Council By Any Other Name
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy
DescriptionIn the first years of humanity's exploration into the far reaches of space, the Earth Systems Alliance had one black ops group under its command that took extreme measures to protect humanity from any enemies, terrestrial or alien. Most people don't know that this covert group has existed for millenia in one form or another, and was once called the Watcher's Council. The group underwent a drastic revision in 2003, and subsequent revisions were made with the discovery of alien life from beyond Earth.

The Council's charter mission - to protect humanity from all enemies - caught the attention of a veteran of the First Contact War, who issued an anonymous pro-human manifesto. The Alliance tried to discredit this 'illusive man,' but he ended up leading the one-time Watcher's Council away from the Alliance to form a group to guard the Charon relay. Just as Charon stood watch over the river Styx, so would Cerberus watch over humanity.

So, story prompt: take the idea of Cerberus = future Watcher's Council and go in whatever direction you like. Maybe Shepard is a Slayer who escaped their notice; maybe Henry Lawson comes from a long line of Watchers and Miranda is the product of a wish for a Slayer in the family. Maybe a 'rogue' Slayer/Cerberus operative disagrees with the party line and tries to help Shepard out of a tough spot. Can take place any time, anywhere in the Mass Effect universe. Doesn't have to be Shepard's story. Can be, let's say, a beat cop on the Citadel who responds to a complaint about an assault, but has to let the suspect go since there's no way a girl that small could do the things you described.

Take the idea and run with it. Good luck, and may your Muse bring you inspiration and joy.
Challenge Date27 Jul 12
Last Updated27 Jul 12

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