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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuercmdruhura
Challenge NameScarecrow and Mrs. Summers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Other-Action/Adventure Shows
DescriptionAs the name implies this is a Scarecrow and Mrs. King cross, but with Joyce taking the place of Amanda King, who shouldn't be in the story at all.

Option 1: A non-supernatural story with Joyce meeting Scarecrow just like Amanda did and then becoming part of the agency to supplement her income from her gallery. Buffy is not the Slayer, but was acting out due to her parents pending divorce, and that got her kicked out of Hemery. Joyce tries to keep Buffy ignorant of her job as a spy. (SaMK-verse)

Option 2: Also a non-supernatural story, but with BtVS characters taking on the parts of the SaMK characters. Joyce instead of Amanda; Giles instead of Lee; Jenny instead of Francine; Travers instead of Billy Melrose. Again, Buffy would be as Option 1. (SaMK-verse)

Option 3: Joyce meets Scarecrow ala Amanda and joins the agency to supplement her income, but Buffy is The Slayer and the agency doesn't know. So each group is trying to keep the other from finding out about the others' activities and not realizing the other group has their own secrets. (BtVS-verse)

Probably should happen in Season 1 of BtVS, though Season 2 would work as well, as long as it happens before Buffy's 17th birthday.

If Option 3:
Should have an agency op involving Joyce that also involves the Scoobies though neither is aware of the other's involvement even after the situation is resolved.
Try to avoid:
Angelus emerging.
Jenny dying.

Have action but sprinkle in some comedy like they did on SaMK and BtVS.
Challenge Date29 Jul 12
Last Updated29 Jul 12

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