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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuersinkingdeep
Challenge NameWho am i?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters
DescriptionThis challenge is set after season seven of Buffy, At the very beginning of season five of Angel and after season four of Torchwood and between season four and six of Doctor Who.

After Spike saved the world at the end of season seven, The Powers That Be decide to send him back as there is a new evil on the loose. However, things don't go to plan and it causes Spike to forget who he is and everything that has happened in his life. Not only that, instead of Angel getting hold of the Amulet Spike wore, Captain Jack Harkness and the torchwood team end up with it!

Story plot must haves:

For the most part of this story Spike must go by William (you chose the last name i'm not fussy! lol)

Captain John Hart and William/Spike must be two completely different characters but look exactly the same (they can have hair differences if you prefer)

Jack must have a past with William/Spike before he was turned

The doctor must be part of this shared past (maybe jack and William travelled with the doctor and his companion at the same time?)

Angel must be the one to discover that Spike is alive (how is completely upto you) but at first, refuses to let Buffy know until something happens to make him change his mind or someone changes his mind

Whether Angel decides to tell Buffy via the phone or in person is upto you

When William/Spike is confronted with Buffy, he doesnt believe a word she says until something major happens to make him start doubting his beliefs (will share an idea i have in the optionals)

Buffy must have a conversion with Jack leaving a way to contact her if William/Spike changes his mind

William/Spike's memories return slowly through the form of what he thinks are nightmares

Esther must still be alive

Gwen must object to William/Spike to being a part of Torchwood and still believes he is John Hart (at least for half the story)

William/Spike must confide in one of his co-workers about him starting to believe what Buffy says

must turn out to eventually be a Spuffy pairing

Story no-no's:

Absolutely no major character deaths (unless you come up with something that would have a good plot web for the story)

No William/Spike and Captain Jack romantic pairing (however Jack may suggest he thought William was hot and thats why he was with captain john)


Esther and William/Spike can have a relationship

An appearance by John Hart

Did Spike refuse to help The Powers That Be? Did they make him lose his memory on purpose?

The amulet can end up in Torchwood's hands by accident or on purpose

The major event to make William/Spike start believe what Buffy says could be a past version of himself, Dawn and Buffy show up at Torchwood

I really hope someone takes this challenge up!!!
Challenge Date12 Aug 12
Last Updated12 Aug 12

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