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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoe
Challenge NameCorn messed with his head… or was it aliens?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > Pairing: Other
DescriptionI just realized how hard it is to write a challenge. Ok let’s try again.
I would like to read a Buffy/Riley story. Everything that happened in BtVS should remain the same (slight deviations from the plot are ok) but I don’t care what happiness with Angels crew (never watched Angel, so if you want to keep Spike alive or anything, be my guest).

Riley’s marriage with Sam: It could have been fake. You know, male pride affecting Riley’s brain and Sam just helps a buddy (pretend to the ex that you are madly in love) or they could have really married but Riley never loved Sam (don’t care if she knew that or not). It up to you to decide what happens to Sam after she and Riley come back in Sunnydale in season 7 but I don’t want Sam to cause any trouble for the (un)happy couple. If she has a problem (and I’m talking here I’ll-sooner-kill-you-than-let-you-go-back-to-that-bitch problem) with the happy couple, than she’s not allowed to actively participate in the story.

Riley and Buffy meet because of Riley’s current assignment – SGC. How and way is up to you but demons and aliens are not to work together. Either it’s only aliens or only monsters or possibly none of the above.

WARNING - No Scooby hating! They can be mad at each other (for various reasons going from you borrowed my shirt without asking to your actions nearly ended the world) but they MUSTN’T resent one another.

Bonus points if you include (in any shape or form) a little Dawn/Xander. Also bonus points if you include the sentence "She has a mild case of coma. Nothing to worry about just yet."
Challenge Date23 Aug 12
Last Updated9 Sep 12

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