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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameHitman for hire Giles!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Other
DescriptionAU Buffy fic - in the style of "Katekyo hitman Reborn!" manga.

Buffy first came to Sunnydale somewhat depressed. Still, she was determined to become a normal girl again. Well, her luck was not that good.

First, a strange probably demon baby wielding magic and being stronger than her (or at least better at applying its strength while fighting) appeared in her house, telling her it was her new Watcher - Concil's top level Hitman Giles. Second, her mother immidiately fell in love with it and refused to get rid of it, despite its obvious evilness.

Then, she found out her friggin absentee father was actually tangled up in the Italian Watchers Council Branch. And that a senile tosser heading the Watchers was from the same area (maybe even was part of her extended family) - and for some insane reason he decided Buffy was a perfect candidate for being a new Head Watcher in the future.

Before, she was told she had to fight alone. Now, she has to form a Famiglia of likeminded individuals around her - otherwise any of the rival organizations' representatives' groups might end her life in an attack en masse, not to mention get her expelled!

And what the Hell! The disgrunted Head Watcher candidates are trying to kill her too!

Also, the Council is proposing they start using new not well tested magical powerups...

What the hell is the Dying Will Bullet?
Why is there time travel and cosmic forces involved?
Why are the the Old Ones trying to get back?
Why is she getting in the situation where her clothes keep getting shredded?
What is up with all the rejects of other demon fighting organizations and demon communities gathering around her, under the Council's banner?
Why does she have to choose her Guard?
Why is the war brimming on the horizon?
What should she wear on her first day of new school?

Main points:

- One way or another, every single one of the main protagonists - and some antagonists - had gotten involved in either Council business or demon world and hadn't been left unscathed.

- In these encounters some kind of abilities was acquired.

- Every Famiglia member has a difficult past that shall come bite them all in the ass later on.

- Xander and Willow are among the fist members of Famiglia.

- Funny Buffyverse substitutes for as many of the the Katekyo hitman Reborn! gigs as you can manage. Use as many character parallels as you manage. Try to add things like Miss Calendar being analogue of Bianchi, for example (former Giles'/Reborn's girlfriend, computer teacher trying to poison Buffy to "free" Giles to wreck vengeance upon the wicked, etc).

- A lot more action than in the usual Buffyverse fic. Also, PracticallyEvil!Child!HomeTutor!Giles (probably making Buffy do homework while patrolling!)
Challenge Date23 Aug 12
Last Updated23 Aug 12

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