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Challenge IssuerTheElegantFaerie
Challenge NameBuffy Summers Is Veronica Mars' Cousin
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Veronica Mars > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionCategories: Veronica Mars/BtVS

Main Pairings: Buffy/Sheriff Lamb, Veronica/Logan
Other Possible Pairings: Faith/Weevil, Mac/Dick, Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Wesley (or if there's one you like then that's cool too)

Settings/Notes: For BtVS this takes place after the First Evil is defeated Post-Chosen. Also Buffy still has nightmares and thoughts about heaven and crawling out of her grave that haunt her from time to time but is getting better. Also Veronica Mars is Buffy's slightly younger cousin (Joyce and Keith are siblings) but no one in Neptune has met Buffy or knows about her (except Keith and Veronica of course). Buffy and the gang have set up in Los Angeles in Angel's Hyperion Hotel to train Slayers and such.

For Veronica Mars, this takes place in Season 1, from the beginning.


Buffy decides to visit her favorite cousin Veronica Mars after Sunnydale's destruction. When she gets there she begins noticing a increasingly large number of vampires and also realizes that Veronica is a Slayer. Will Buffy be able to help aid in Veronica's investigations and will Veronica be able to help Buffy investigate why there are so many vampires coming to Neptune? What will happen when Buffy meets some of the locals of the town? When Sheriff Lamb meets Buffy, he is immediately attracted to her but is very intrigued about her as well.


*Buffy gets a job in Neptune (maybe at Neptune High or something)
*The Main pairings listed are required
*Must expand upon the reason why vampires are being drawn to Neptune
*No one knows about Buffy or met her before (in Neptune) so when people meet her it will be for the first time
*If you bring Angel into the fic at all, Cordelia didn't die in 'You're Welcome' she just woke up from her coma
Challenge Date25 Aug 12
Last Updated25 Aug 12

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