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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)ScottWanderer
Challenge NameThe Nuclear Man through the Stargate.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Xander-Centered
DescriptionThis is an idea that was sticking in my head, but i don't know Stargate verse well enough to do it correctly.

Xander dresses as Firestorm the Nuclear Man (original version) as does your choice of other male characters. The problem is that they merge, permanently with Xander in the drivers seat and the other as the voice only Xander can hear. Somehow Firestorm detects Apophis' two ship invasion and blasts off to the rescue. That's when the back seat character recognizes his cousin (Jack, Sam, or Daniel) aboard the Hat'ak. Outside of the spell radius, Xander is not reverted to his normal physical self, worse the back seat passenger is permanently fused with Xander.

Seeing the SGC as a greater cause, Xander reluctantly leaves the Hellmouth to join SGC as a special asset. Of course the girls and Giles have his number of speed-dial in case the power of a godling is needed.

Must haves:
-Jack must be a fan of the old Firestorm comics, but lament that a lot of his villians were lame.
-Sam must be puzzled by Xander's powers, but when she realizes he is litterally a gold mine, fervently try to teach him the make up Naquadria and Trinium.
-Xander transmuting the cafeteria food into something more edible, aka Twinkies.
-NID trying to kidnap Xander, but stupidly using a Taser or Zat.
-Xander able to use Ribbon devices by forcing power into them.

Must not have:
-Must not have any male slash unless canon
-Must not have Buffy or Willow bashing
-Must not have Xander-Sue, yes he's powerful, no he isn't perfect.

Extra Points:
-Jack, as a joke has a tailor whip up a Firestorm costume to replace the one ruined by the flight back to Earth
-Buffy dressing as a skillful femme fatale of Marvel or DC and keeping the skills
-Anise afraid/fascinated by Xander's power, and for once respectful, but barely.
-Xander off world when the Judge attacks, but Jack coming to the rescue with an AT-4
-Xander stealing a sarcophagous to ressurect Jenny Calendar and later Joyce
-Xander turning the replicators to twinkies, getting the Asgard addicted to the sugary snack.

I would love a FR21 story with a good set of couples. But'd i'd settle for anything really even drabbles.
Challenge Date26 Aug 12
Last Updated23 Jan 13

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