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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issueramburdawn
Challenge NameWillow and Faith Blake
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
DescriptionAfter activating all of the potential slayers and defeating the first the balance toward good and evil has been shifted toward the good side. The PTB know that this can't last and something will have to shift the power back to a more natural state. Instead of risking their champions they decide to send two of them to another world. Willow Rosenberg and Faith Lehane have already touched the dark side and instead of rick loosing them to it again they are the two chosen to be sent. The powers send them to the AB universe knowing that the world there is going to need the help of these two champions and that the only safe place for two powerful girls with darkness inside them is with that worlds own champions. Of course throwing in two young adults from a very different world won't make things easy on anybody, so the powers decide to gift the little heroines and give them a second chance at childhood.

1.Willow and Faith and the main characters.
2. Set anytime in the Anita verse. Though it would be great if it was Micah has been introduced.
3.The girls have been de-aged (anywhere from 3-16) and integrated to the AB universe like Dawn was.
4. They are twins and have to be related to Anita in some way. Either they are her sisters, cousins, or if you really want to screw around her daughters.
5 They still have some powers, but since they were de-aged they have lost a lot of control of them.
6. I've always seen Willow as more bisexual than a lesbian but I won't be to particular on the sexuality of the girls.
7.A little bit of both girls dark side would be awesome to see.
8. I'd love to see Edward in it.
Challenge Date26 Aug 12
Last Updated26 Aug 12

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