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Challenge IssuerQueenCA
Challenge NameHey Giles, I Married A Ninja!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > GI Joe
DescriptionTakes place post-"Chosen". It's a Buffy/Snake Eyes pairing. (Dawn's pairing is up to you)

Dawn and Buffy (who have reconciled) left shortly after the gang settled after the events of "Chosen", due to increased tension that was created during the battle. It's during this time that the girls really experience a semi-normal life. It is also, during this time, that they meet the GI Joe team. (If Buffy (and Dawn, if you want) joins the team, that's up to you, but having her work with them is required, be it one time or a few...or even more. Buffy bonds with Scarlett (and possibly Duke). Buffy works with Snake Eyes and, to make a long story short, they fall in love. Buffy, with her 'enhanced senses', knows when he's there and can understand what he's 'saying' or his reasons for doing things, his emotions, etc. It's like she knows what he's thinking without him having to say it (*which, for him, is impossible, as he cannot talk*). The couple does spar with each other (*and it would be nice to see a scene of that in the story, with some 'awed' onlookers*).

Sometime after they're married, Giles attempts to mend his relationship with Buffy and receives her phone number from Faith, who has stayed in contact with her 'sister slayer' (and she has visited too. Her pairing is also up to you. If you want to have her with Robin or one of the GI Joe guys, that's your decision). Buffy casually brings up her marriage (and work, if you want) during the phone call or the later meeting between Giles and herself. If it's because Snake Eyes 'pops in', that would be a bonus.

Are the GI Joe's aware of the supernatural? Of course! It would be hard not to be, when the Queen Slayer is a part of they're lives now.

Anything else is up to you. Have fun!
Challenge Date1 Sep 12
Last Updated1 Sep 12

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