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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerLegacyWeapon
Challenge NameRelics of a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Wars
DescriptionScientists believe that a meteor crashing into the Earth was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs. Demonologists believe the same event killed at least some species of demons. They're both half right: it was a crash, but not a meteor crash. Many millions of years ago, a ship from a far-flung galaxy got stuck in hyperspace, catapulting across the stars towards the Earth. Its systems automatically brought it to sublight speeds 65 million years ago when it entered the Earth's orbit, and then it crashed and caused a planet-wide catastrophe.

Either during the seven seasons of Buffy or after the events of 'Chosen,' an archaeological dig discovers the ship, filled with ancient relics of a bygone era. It could have been found in a remote dig site, or maybe underneath Sunnydale. The relics can be anything from datapads filled with history, weapons like lightsabers and blasters, maybe one or more Jedi or Sith holocrons that teach ancient arcane knowledge, or perhaps what another galaxy once knew as a Rakata Mind Trap. The last is known to hold prisoner the spirit of one who touches it, which can only be freed when someone else touches it and the two souls fight for possession of the body.

Star Wars relics can be from any era, but bonus points for continuing the story of the Sith Inquisitor from The Old Republic with either the Inquisitor or his/her former master in the Rakata Mind Trap.
Challenge Date9 Sep 12
Last Updated9 Sep 12

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