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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTaurexis
Challenge NameA Fractured Fairy Tail! Starring Xander Harris!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime
DescriptionBTVS/Fairy Tail X-Over

After being sucked into one of those highly magical and cliche dimensional portals that apparently pop up out of nowhere; Xander gets dumped in the world of Earth Land in the kingdom of Fiore. Here he learns that magic is well known, wide spread and used by many in every day life; so he should be able to get home easily right? Wrong! Apparently no one knows anything about Magical Trans-Dimensional Portals, go figure. With no other choice Xander has to stay and learn magic with the hope that he will discover the key to the return to his home. But having arrived with only the clothes on his back he must learn quickly if he wants to survive; maybe he should join one of those "Guilds" he's been hearing about?

- This is set in the Manga universe. No Filler Arcs please!
- This story is Xander centered (obviously), but other centre characters are allowed
- No Gender-Bender please, I like my Xander as a guy
- Please do not crossover with any other fandom, minor or brief references are allowed
- When in the Buffy verse timeline he's from is up to you but preference is around Season 3 - Season 4
- When he show up in this universe is also up to you (before or during the Manga, during the Time Skip, etc.)
- Xander must join a guild!
- Which guild he joins first is up to you (even one of the bad or evil ones), but he must eventually join Fairy Tail
- Which magic he learns is up to you; whether it's an already known one or a completely new one that hasn't been introduced yet. (But try to choose one that Xander would pick)
- Xander must be within the power range of the other high level mages of Fairy Tail; whether just below, on par or maybe even surpassing some
- Xander must be strong but realistic; so not too weak but not Super Uber God-Level power either.
- He can EVENTUALLY get really strong but he must stay within the power range of the stronger characters
- Unless he shows up before the Manga begins he has to learn magic quite quickly, but try to keep his pace realistic
- He must work for it!!! Knowledge vis magical download is allowed but he must still train hard to learn how to use it properly and become proficient in magic
- Laxus (Favourite Badass Character) must be included and have some kind of relationship with Xander (Friends, Allies, Team-Mates, etc.)
- Xander must interact with some if not all the main characters on a regular basis (maybe not immediately, but later)
- Any type of pairing between characters (not necessarily Xander) is allowed - Het, Slash, Femslash
- On that note don't make up weird or unrealistic pairings (e.g. Wendy/Evergreen, Makarov/Lucy, Gajeel/Gildarts, etc.) - (Don't know how i came up with those)

Bonus Points! (And possibly a metaphysical Cookie) - Optional
- Main Pairing (if any) is Slash
- Quadruple Points!!! Main Pairing is Laxus/Xander
- Xander discovers, learns and uses an Ancient/Lost Magic
- Xander becomes an S-Class Mage
- Xander participates in the Grand Magic Games

I look forward to reading your responses. Be Creative! And Have Fun!
Challenge Date30 Sep 12
Last Updated30 Sep 12

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